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November 6, 2008

To our valued readers,

On Tuesday, the eyes of the world were turned to Florida as Floridians cast their ballots in one of the most historic elections in American history. As a loyal Sayfie Review reader, I want to thank you for making the place the world turned to for its Election Day news from Florida.

Our live Election Day video broadcasts from Florida precincts were viewed more than 42,000 times from viewers across the globe.'s live reports were featured by the BBC, and our coverage was linked by several publications including Politico, Business Week, Wired Magazine, Tech President, the St. Petersburg Times, the Orlando Sentinel, the South Florida Sun-Sentinel and the Lakeland Ledger.

The worldwide online viewership of our video programming on Election Day surpassed that of any other Florida news organization. For that we say thank you. Your continued support of our website made it possible for us to provide our groundbreaking Election Day coverage. We couldn't have done it without you.

We will strive to earn your ongoing support by continuing to be the best source for Florida political news. Thank you for allowing us to dream big. Who knows what you will inspire us to do next.


Justin Sayfie
Founder and Publisher,

phone: 954-523-2427