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Sayfie Review Press Release Ticker


Ever have trouble getting your press release read by the people who need to read it most? The Sayfie Review has the solution with the Sayfie Review Press Release Ticker.

The Sayfie Review has the highest "power quotient" of any publication in the state and is the only publication that Florida's political and opinion leaders read daily. Over the past six years, we have developed a bipartisan readership that includes nearly every member of the capitol press corps, TV reporters around the state, editorial board writers, newspaper columnists, bloggers, lobbyists, business executives, political consultants, party activists, members of Congress, state legislators, local government officials, the governor's office staff, and White House staff.

You can now submit your press release to be displayed near the top of the Sayfie Review home page. The headline of the press release you submit will be shown in the new Press Release Ticker at the top of the Sayfie Review homepage for an entire week. It will also be permanently accessible in our Press Release Blog Ticker and the Press Release archive page. Whether you send out 2 or 100 press releases a month, we have the tool for you to ensure that your release is seen by our site's influential audience.

All you have to do is click this link to upload your press release instantly!

To find out more about the Sayfie Review Press Release Ticker, please contact Carole Ann Hamer at (954)302-5988 or