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Monday - Jul. 15, 2024
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TB Times: Trump is expected to pick his VP today. Florida RNC delegates weigh in on who they hope for.

Sun Sentinel: Read the ruling: Florida judge dismisses classified documents case against Trump, co-defendants

TB Times: Federal judge in Florida dismisses Trump classified documents case

TB Times: Tampa Bay sermons grapple with Trump shooting

TB Times: Monday updates: Investigators hunt for motive in attempted Trump assassination

Sun Sentinel: Federal judge dismisses Trump classified documents case

Sun Sentinel: GOP convention protests are on despite shooting at Trump rally

Sun Sentinel: Anger and anxiety loom over the Republican convention, but there is good news for Trump in court

TB Times: Parsing the conspiracy theories, accusations about attack on Donald Trump

Sun Sentinel: Trump's vice presidential choice takes on an additional significance in shooting's aftermath

Sun Sentinel: Floor fights, boos and a too-long kiss. How the dramatic and the bizarre define convention history

Sun Sentinel: The RNC's first day will still focus on the economy. Here's what to know about Trump's plans

Sun Sentinel: When does a presumptive nominee become a nominee? Here's how Donald Trump will make it official

Sun Sentinel: America's toxic political climate faces calls to 'tone it down' after assassination attempt on Trump

TB Times: Trump supporters hold 'emergency call to arms' in Clearwater after assassination attempt

TB Times: Sunday updates: New details emerge about Trump rally shooting suspect

TB Times: In prime-time address, Biden warns of election-year rhetoric

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