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Monday - Apr. 19, 2021
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Herald: Florida House moves auto insurance changes closer to passage. Impact on rates uncertain

Sentinel: DeSantis signs 'anti-riot' bill into law, sparking outcry from Democrats, civil rights groups

Sentinel: House to take up scholarship bill, but changes worry parents of students with disabilities

Sentinel: COVID vaccine passport ban added to emergency bill in Florida House

Herald: Florida House measure to cap THC in medical marijuana appears to have failed

Sentinel: State Sen. Perry Thurston and former Commissioner Priscilla Taylor enter race to replace Alcee Hastings

Herald: DeSantis signs 'anti-mob' legislation into law in response to George Floyd protests

Sentinel: DeSantis signs 'anti-riot' bill at Polk County Sheriff's Office

Sentinel: Like A.O.C., could South Florida's young, progressive Omari Hardy end up in Congress — or higher?

Herald: Legislature heads into 'Let's Make a Deal' stage of session

Sentinel: How medical marijuana, powerful allies fueled rise of Orlando doctor now embroiled in Matt Gaetz sex scandal

Sentinel: Following spring break, Florida's COVID variant cases explode

Sentinel: Former U.S. Rep. Gwen Graham tapped by Biden administration for key education position

Herald: Florida Legislature backtracks on massive toll roads plan, is set to scrap much of it

Sentinel: DeSantis calls $275 a week unemployment benefit 'fine,' rejects bipartisan plan to raise it

Herald: DeSantis says $275 a week for unemployment is just fine. No increase needed.

Sentinel: Florida homeowners file 76% of property insurance lawsuits in the U.S., report says

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