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Tuesday - Apr. 23, 2024

Politico: Biden leans on one-time battleground Florida as a cautionary tale

WUSF: Biden to focus on abortion during Tampa campaign stop

News4Jax: In Tampa, Biden will assail Florida's six-week abortion ban as he tries to boost his reelection odds

Times: How often does a sitting US president visit Tampa Bay? You'd be surprised.

NBC Miami: Florida's ban on homeless encampments could hinge on Supreme Court ruling

FlaPol: Ron DeSantis calls for feds to deal with campus antisemitism in New York City

FlaPol: Rick Scott officially has a Primary challenger

Herald: Some migrants flown by DeSantis to Martha's Vineyard qualify for victim visas, feds say

The Floridian: Scott Supports Israel Aid, Calls Gaza Aid 'Stupidest Idea Ever'

The Floridian: Mast on Columbia's Anti-Israel Protests: Higher Institutions Have 'Fallen'

The Floridian: Castor Approves $95 Billion Aid Package to Ukraine, Israel, Taiwan

Ledger: Polk County's U.S. House members split on aid to Ukraine

WUSF: Qualifying period for congressional races begins in Florida

WUSF: Judge orders FSU and the ACC to mediation in their latest legal round

Axios: Black Floridians more likely to die from preventable illness, report finds

FlaPol: Rick Wells latest Sheriff to endorse Vern Buchanan for re-election

Herald: Algorithms powering John Ruiz's company being probed by SEC, Justice Department

WUSF: Florida gas prices settle back down, but could rise again

Democrat: Florida gas prices remain high after 13-cent price hike early last week, AAA says

Post: Gov. DeSantis promotes environmental agenda, calls Biden 'weak' on school demonstrations

The Floridian: DeSantis Touts $3.14 Billion in Two Years Toward Everglades Restoration Efforts

My News 13: DeSantis to approve $1.5 billion in Everglades and water projects

The Floridian: 'Democrats Have a Jewish Problem': Florida Jewish Democrats Accuse Party Leaders of Religious Insensitivity

FlaPol: Billy Corben blasts Miami-Dade Dems leadership for refusing to move Chair vote from Passover Shabbat

The Capitolist: PrizePicks, Underdog Fantasy resume operations in Florida with new legal gaming formats

News-Press: Move, cut back, or go bare: Florida seniors juggle skyrocketing costs, impossible choices

WUSF: Oil drilling has endured in the Everglades for decades. Now, Miccosukee Tribe has a plan to stop it

Bradenton Herald: 3 Conservative Manatee County Republicans enter race for Gregory's Florida House seat

FlaPol: EMILY's List backs 3 incumbent House Democrats

Democrat: 'Lauren's Kids' in Tallahassee elementary school for lesson on staying safe

FlaPol: 'Beyond comprehension': Clay Yarborough raises concerns about troubled Jacksonville arts school

Herald: Heat killed a Florida sugar farm worker. The labor contractor is arguing the OSHA fine

Sentinel: 'Finally allowed to start catching bad guys': Florida Highway Patrol pursuit policy differs from other law enforcement agencies

WUSF: UF researchers develop a helpful conservation tool using data analytics

Sun-Sentinel: Quick transition of Broward schools superintendent raises questions

WLRN: Florida High School Athletic Association mulls sanctioning gaming as an official sport

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Herald: Don't pay attention to abortion rights fear-mongering by DeSantis and Florida GOP | Opinion

TB Times: The obscure but powerful politicians who control Florida's energy

TB Times: Should Florida get involved in FSU vs. ACC lawsuits?

Sun Sentinel: What to know in the Supreme Court case about immunity for former President Trump

TB Times: In suspended Hillsborough state attorney case, what are the courts waiting for?

TB Times: Joe Biden is in Tampa today. Here's what you need to know.

Sun Sentinel: Biden will assail Florida's 6-week abortion ban as he tries to boost his reelection odds

Sun Sentinel: In Tampa, Biden will assail Florida's six-week abortion ban as he tries to boost his reelection odds

Sun Sentinel: Judge conducts hearing on request to hold Trump in contempt for social media posts

TB Times: Alleged co-conspirator in Tim Burke, Fox News case agrees to cooperate with feds

TB Times: How often does a sitting US president visit Tampa Bay? You'd be surprised.

Sun Sentinel: Supreme Court will decide whether Trump is immune from federal prosecution. Here's what's next

TB Times: Some migrants flown by Florida to Martha's Vineyard qualify for victim visas

Sun Sentinel: Supreme Court to hear oral arguments on abortion and Trump

Sun Sentinel: Florida plans $850 million in Everglades restoration projects in next year

Sun Sentinel: Trump's $175 million bond in New York civil fraud judgment case is settled with cash promise

Sun Sentinel: Crush of lawsuits over voting in multiple states creates a shadow war for the 2024 election

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