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Friday - Dec. 8, 2023

FlaPol: Ron DeSantis will get the debates he wants in Iowa, New Hampshire

The Hill: DeSantis expecting GOP debates in Iowa, New Hampshire

NBC: Ron DeSantis calls for one-on-one faceoff with Haley, with future GOP debates unclear

The Hill: More than 4 million watched GOP debate on NewsNation, CW

The Hill: Campaign manager says DeSantis has taken the gloves off on Trump

FlaPol: After dodging debate question, Ron DeSantis defends 'mentally competent' Donald Trump

FlaPol: Ron DeSantis' debate choice of favorite President is one that people don't talk about much

FlaPol: Ron DeSantis downplays 'small amount' budgeted for potentially suing College Football Playoff committee

The Hill: Fight over College Football Playoffs spills into Senate

FlaPol: Cost-cutting Casey DeSantis is still chasing '$2 T-shirts'

FlaPol: Ron DeSantis isn't ruling out troop deployment to Israel

Herald: Growing up transgender in DeSantis' Florida: How this Broward teen's life was upended

The Hill: Haley takes aim at DeSantis on environment

Sentinel: As Hanukkah begins, Florida jews grapple with rising antisemitism, heartbreak of war

Sentinel: Sabatini-led Lake Republicans adopt platform to ban abortion, gay rights

WLRN: Cherfilus-McCormick seeks crackdown on illegal arms trafficking to Haiti

News-Press: Citizens CEO seeks to allay concerns, saying insurer has never sought federal bailout

Today: County Commissioner John Tobia under investigation for alleged voter fraud

WLRN: Miami commissioner moves to terminate City Attorney Victoria Mendez

FlaPol: Democratic Legislative Campaign Committee backs Tom Keen in HD 35

PNJ: Florida lawmaker wants to make it easier for public figures to win defamation lawsuits

Florida Trident: Police have recovered video of Florida GOP chair and alleged victim in rape investigation

FlaPol: Police video may contradict details of rape allegation against Christian Ziegler

The Messenger: Florida GOP Chair Facing Rape Investigation Plays Trump Card Amid Former President’s Silence

FlaPol: Tom Edwards sees long overdue comeuppance for Bridget and Christian Ziegler

Bloomberg: DeSantis Super PAC Cancels Donor Event Citing Waning Interest

NBC: Super PAC backing Ron DeSantis picks up disillusioned Koch network staffers

NBC: A report rips Disney for freebies to its local board. It omits gifts to top Florida politicians.

FlaPol: 'Never seen a group of substances' like these: House lawmakers told of the perils of PFAS

FlaPol: Ana Maria Rodriguez refiles local pilot program proposal for single-use plastic regulation

FlaPol: Move over: House panel advances bill to better block left lane road hogs

FlaPol: Lawmakers look at plugging budget hole driven by electric vehicles

FlaPol: Alternative fuels power House committee presentations on Florida's energy future

FlaPol: Tracie Davis bill cracks down on no-party ghost candidates

Florida Phoenix: FL health and human services agencies head to court over transgender care, Medicaid

FlaPol: Audit calls for presidential search at Florida Atlantic University to start over

Democrat: Florida faculty ‘strongly object’ to removal of sociology from core college courses list

Sun-Sentinel: ‘A long time coming’: Sports betting, craps and roulette debut in Florida, bringing gamblers, celebrities to Seminole casinos

The Hill: Florida Democrats pen letter calling for DeSantis to end book bans

FlaPol: Live Healthy aims to increase access to care by bolstering workforce, innovation

FlaPol: Live Healthy Florida? Let's take a look at the green(s)

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TB Times: New Florida website for Medicaid, food assistance hit with early problems

TB Times: The 10 most chaotic and oh-so Florida moments of 2023

TB Times: Florida Senate president unveils plan to expand health care access, add doctors

TB Times: Florida lawmakers consider annual fees for owners of electric vehicles

TB Times: Sarasota school board chairperson calls on Bridget Ziegler to resign

TB Times: DeSantis, Haley and a fiery final 2023 GOP debate: Here are 4 takeaways

TB Times: Hundreds died using kratom in Florida. It was touted as safe.

Herald: 'Afraid to answer': Christie challenges DeSantis on whether Trump is fit to be president

Sun Sentinel: GOP presidential hopefuls target Nikki Haley more than Trump, and other moments from the debate

Sun Sentinel: GOP rivals take on Haley in effort to blunt her rise, and other takeaways from the Republican debate

Sun Sentinel: US faculty group: Florida higher education under assault from Republicans

TB Times: DeSantis appointees accuse Disney district predecessors of cronyism; Disney calls them revisionist

TB Times: Florida higher education is in a 'horrifying' place, US faculty group says

TB Times: Florida Supreme Court hears arguments over DeSantis' ouster of state prosecutor

TB Times: AP African American course updated with key changes pushed by DeSantis

Sun Sentinel: Fort Lauderdale swears in new Police Chief William Schultz | PHOTOS

Sun Sentinel: Republicans went after one another at lively fourth debate skipped by Trump. Follow live updates

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