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Sunday - Jul. 14, 2024
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Sun Sentinel: The RNC's first day will still focus on the economy. Here's what to know about Trump's plans

Sun Sentinel: When does a presumptive nominee become a nominee? Here's how Donald Trump will make it official

Sun Sentinel: America's toxic political climate faces calls to 'tone it down' after assassination attempt on Trump

TB Times: Trump supporters hold 'emergency call to arms' in Clearwater after assassination attempt

TB Times: Tampa Bay sermons grapple with Trump shooting

TB Times: Sunday updates: New details emerge about Trump rally shooting suspect

TB Times: In prime-time address, Biden warns of election-year rhetoric

Sun Sentinel: Trump shooting changes Biden's strategy to revive 2024 campaign

Sun Sentinel: A timeline of the assassination attempt on former President Trump

TB Times: How come my Sunday newspaper didn't have major breaking news about Trump shooting?

Sun Sentinel: Former fire chief who died at Trump rally used his body to shield family from gunfire

Sun Sentinel: What to know about Trump assassination attempt and the investigation into the shooting

Sun Sentinel: Melania Trump says courage, common sense should unite Americans

Sun Sentinel: In prime-time address, Biden asks Americans to reject political violence and 'cool it down'

Sun Sentinel: Biden tries to balance his condemnation of the attack on Trump with the ongoing 2024 campaign

Sun Sentinel: Reagan survived an assassination attempt and his response changed the trajectory of his presidency

Sun Sentinel: Trump to attend RNC event with security ramped up after shooting

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