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Saturday - Jul. 21, 2018
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Times: Rick Scott campaigns for Puerto Rican vote at small but boisterous Tampa rally

Times: Accused Russian spy spoke at USF St. Petersburg world affairs conference

Times: Rick Scott's political spending began months before he was an official candidate

Times: Florida Insider Poll: And Florida's next attorney general will be….

Sentinel: Orange County School Board chair candidates tout plans to beef up school safety at debate

Herald: Republicans peddle false attack against a Miami doctor who doesn't like Rick Scott

Times: Ethics complaints target eight write-in candidates as bogus, including two in Tampa

Herald: Curbelo says 1,313 kids in Homestead shelter are treated with 'care and compassion'

Sentinel: Best primary bets for Florida governor: DeSantis, Graham, King

Times: Ashley Moody hits back against negative ads in nasty Florida Attorney General GOP primary

Sentinel: Rick Scott puts $14 million of his own coin into Senate bid

Herald: At Democratic debate for Ros-Lehtinen seat, it was 'Yes', 'No' and 'It's Complicated'

Herald: Youth voter registration went up 41 percent in Florida after Parkland

Sentinel: More young Floridians registered to vote after Marjory Stoneman Douglas massacre — report

Times: What we know — and don't know — about the FBI investigation hanging over Andrew Gillum's campaign

Sentinel: With an eye toward Parkland massacre, NRA grades 2018 candidates

Times: Analysis: Youth voting registration went up 41 percent in Florida after Parkland shooting

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