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September 17, 2008
MacManus and MacNamara Join
Susan MacManus and Steve MacNamara become the site's first Featured Columnists

Today Sayfie Media is proud to announce the launch of's latest feature - the Sayfie Review Featured Columnists. The feature will spotlight political commentary from two of Florida's top political minds, Steve MacNamara and Dr. Susan MacManus, who have signed on to be the first Sayfie Review Featured Columnists.

"We are delighted to have Steve and Susan providing the first ever original content for the Sayfie Review readers," founder and publisher Justin Sayfie said. "Our readers have regularly asked for quality original content from the Review, and now they will have access to the unique insights and enlightening perspectives from Professors MacManus and MacNamara.”

MacNamara, whose first column entitled "The Biden Choice" appears on today's Sayfie Review, currently serves as an Associate Professor of Communication at Florida State University where he specializes in mass media law issues and political communications and strategies. MacNamara has worked with members of the U.S. House of Representatives, served as a Special Assistant to a U.S. Senator, and served as Chief of Staff for the Florida House. Steve was appointed Secretary of the Department of Business Regulation under Governor Bob Martinez and succeeded Governor Lawton Chiles as the Director of the Collins Center for Public Policy.

Dr. Susan MacManus is the Distinguished University Professor of Public Administration and Political Science at the University of South Florida. Over her career, MacManus has been an editor/co-author of numerous books relating to Florida politics including Politics in Florida, 2nd ed.(2007), Florida's Politics: Ten Media Markets, One Powerful State (2004), Politics in States and Communities (2009), Mapping Florida's Political Landscape: The Changing Art & Politics of Reapportionment & Redistricting (2002), and Reapportionment and Representation in Florida: A Historical Collection (1991). She is also the author of Young v. Old: Generational Combat in the 21st Century? (1996) and Targeting Senior Voters (2004). MacManus, who is unaffiliated with any political party, will begin a series of columns next week on the Sayfie Review that analyze different voting demographics in Florida and how they will alter the outcome of the 2008 Election.

"I have long been an avid fan of the Sayfie Review and have made it required reading for my Florida Politics students," MacManus says. "Once again, Florida will captivate the nation during this election cycle, and I am pleased to share my insights with the influential Sayfie Review readership."

MacManus and MacNamara's columns will be featured on the homepage. For more information on Dr. Susan MacManus and Steve MacNamara, visit the Featured Columnists page on


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Jordan Raynor