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In Groundbreaking News Coverage, Sayfie Review to Broadcast Live, Precinct-Based Reports on Election Day


October 30, 2008
In Groundbreaking News Coverage, Sayfie Review to Broadcast Live, Precinct-Based Reports on Election Day
Sayfie Review Correspondents will report on turnout in targeted precincts throughout Florida on November 4th

Continuing to break new ground in internet news coverage, will provide live news broadcasts on Election Day from targeted voter precincts throughout Florida.

"The eye of the political world will be on Florida on Election Day," said Justin Sayfie, founder and publisher of " will do something that has never been done before in Florida journalism. We will provide our influential audience with live video reports from Florida precincts via the internet. You've got to see it to believe it."

On Election Day, seven correspondents will be broadcasting live reports via cell phone video cameras. These correspondents will be reporting voter turnout statistics from precincts representing critical voter demographic groups across Florida and will also provide historic context to these turnout statistics. Voter demographics that will be monitored include African-Americans (Tallahassee), Hispanics (Miami), students (Gainesville), seniors (Tampa), strong Bush 2004 precinct (Jacksonville), strong Kerry 2004/Jewish voters precinct (Broward), and independent voters (Orlando).

"By using cell phone cameras to broadcast live video reports directly to the homepage, we are going to change the way politicos receive their Election Day news forever," Sayfie said. "Through the power of cutting-edge internet technology, we will be the first to deliver viewers worldwide important Election Day turnout information from Florida via live TV."

Live coverage will begin at 8:00 a.m. on Election Day and can only be found at

Click here to view the video release "Groundbreaking"

Script for "Groundbreaking":

Jordan Raynor: Hi, I am Jordan Raynor, Executive Editor of I am here in Tampa, Florida pleased to announce's plans for its groundbreaking Election Day coverage.

The Obama and McCain campaigns are blitzing the state, and opinion polls are showing that either candidate can win Florida and its prized 27 Electoral votes. On November 4th, Americans across the country will want to know exactly what is happening at the polls in Florida will provide its readers and viewers around the world with first-of-its-kind live broadcast coverage from Florida's polling places. Beginning at 8 a.m. on Election Day, we will bring you live coverage of what is happening at targeted polling places across Florida in a format you have never seen before. Using cell phone video cameras like the one I am using right now, Sayfie Review correspondents will be broadcasting live shots all day long from selected polling places in Miami, Tampa, Orlando, Gainesville, Jacksonville, Tallahassee and Broward. We have carefully selected a number of precincts across the state that will give you a sense of what turnout is like among different demographic groups throughout the Sunshine State. Our correspondents will be counting each and every voter who walks into their designated polling place, and will be reporting voter turnout totals for each precinct including absentee ballot and early voting tabulations.

You can watch their live broadcast reports on Election Day exclusively at You've never seen anything like it.

Barack Obama and John McCain have targeted Florida as a battleground state in 2008. Now, it has come down to this - whose supporters will show up on Election Day? Whose will stay home?

Be the first to know. Log on to all day on Election Day, November 4th . We'll see you then.


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