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August 21, 2008

To our valued readers

Looking to make a career move? Looking to hire a talented new employee? Make the Sayfie Review Job Market your first stop!

As part of Sayfie Review 2.0, we are proud to announce that employers can now post job openings that can be viewed by the entire Sayfie Review community across the State of Florida. It's so simple to do and it is a great new tool for both job seekers and employers. Jobs can be displayed by job categories, including legislative, legal, lobbyist, political, campaign and government, or by geographic region of Florida.

Want to keep an eye on which jobs are being submitted to the Sayfie Review Job Market? Simply make the Job Market Blog Ticker channel your default Blog Ticker channel on the Sayfie Review home page.

The level of influence our readership holds is unmatched by any other publication in the state. Now you have a chance to explore the job market of Florida's most influential people.

Click here to find your dream job at the Sayfie Review Job Market today!


Justin Sayfie

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