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Sayfie Review Featured Column

by Dr. Susan MacManus
August 31, 2016


Media Market Infographics of Murphy, Rubio & Stanton Wins in U.S. Senate Primaries

By Susan A. MacManus and Anthony A. Cilluffo

University of South Florida

A day after the August 30, 2016 primary election in Florida, the winning U.S. Senate candidates and their campaigns will be carefully studying where each did the best and worst in vote shares and where their turnout lagged. Here is an insider’s look at what those campaigns will be focusing on…

In the Democratic Primary (see Figure 1),

·      The turnout rate was highest in the Tallahassee and Panama City markets, and lowest in the Pensacola and Miami markets (tied).

·      Support for both Patrick Murphy and Alan Grayson was highest in their home media markets (West Palm Beach and Orlando, respectively). Pam Keith fared best in Pensacola.

In the Republican Primary (see Figure 2),

·      Turnout was highest in the Panhandle markets (Panama City and Tallahassee) and lowest in the Southeast Florida markets (Miami, West Palm Beach).

·      Marco Rubio and Carlos Beruff did the best in their hometown areas—Miami and Tampa—similar to the Democratic candidates.

In the Libertarian Primary (see Figure 3),

·      The overall turnout rate was far lower than for either the Democrats or Republicans. However, it was strongest in the Panama City market and weakest in the Pensacola and Gainesville markets.

·      Winner Paul Stanton did best in the Naples market, while loser Augustus Invictus’s strongest showing was in in the Panama City market.