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Thursday - Feb. 15, 2024

WUSF: Federal appeals court orders another look at immigration rulings backing Florida

Democrat: Judge to reconsider rulings that backed Florida's challenge to Biden immigration policies

FlaPol: Slow movement in state, federal court leaves uncertainty looming over Florida's congressional map

Sentinel: Flight delay forces two South Florida members of Congress to miss Mayorkas impeachment vote

FlaPol: Maxwell Frost, Jared Moskowitz on Parkland anniversary push credit card companies to flag unusual gun sales

My News 13: 6 years after the Parkland school shooting, survivors and victims' families discuss efforts to reverse Florida gun regulations

WLRN: Parkland family uses AI-simulated voice of their son to call lawmakers

WLRN: Six years after Parkland, the NRA is a 'shell of what it once was'

WLRN: Six years later: Remembering the lives of the Parkland 17

Herald: 'It's still very raw.' Families come together six years after tragic Parkland shooting

The Hill: Florida Democrat says Kansas City shooting 'horrific,' but especially so on sixth anniversary of Parkland

FlaPol: Byron Donalds backs Gus Bilirakis for re-election to CD 12

FlaPol: Lindsay Cross backs Whitney Fox for CD 13

Times-Union: With growth underway, UNF sets sights on having 25,000 students by 2028

WUSF: Aid agencies are filling gaps in DeSoto's Hurricane Ian relief

The Floridian: Mast Introduces Bill to Name VA Medical Center After Vietnam Veteran

WUSF: Florida has an upside down tax system, says a Rollins College economist

Post: Palm Beach County Republican chairman Kevin Neal, accused of libel, files counter lawsuit

WUSF: Orange County is among the highest syphilis case rates in Florida

Today: Mystery company seeks to build Florida hybrid electric plane facility with 1,500 workers

WLRN: The DeSantises call for more funding for cancer research

Democrat: DeSantis family's Valentine's Day gift to Florida: Waging a fight against cancer

Democrat: Florida Senate president suggests set of 'anti-woke' bills are dead for this session

DBNJ: Critics deride labor bill, but some teens say, let us work longer

FlaPol: Bill defining antisemitism in Florida Statutes heads to Senate floor

Times: Florida lawmakers look to scrap China-linked investments

CBS Miami: County commission term limits teed up in Florida House

My News 13: Florida labor bill banning heat protections, local minimum wage advances

FlaPol: Senate hemp bill tweaked before full floor vote

FlaPol: Bill mandating disclosure for artificial intelligence in political ads headed to House floor

The Capitolist: Proposal to repeal government funding in Florida elections moves forward

WUSF: Environmental groups will sue to increase scrutiny of phosphate mining and production of fertilizer

Times: Florida bill would give limited college aid to high school dropouts

Politico: Miami schools under fire over Black history permission slip flap

FlaPol: Senate passes package of consumer safeguards against moving company scams

FlaPol: Legislative push to give Sheriffs more budget power continues

FlaPol: Senate advances bill to offer free kid swimming lessons for poor families

FlaPol: Miss trial: Legislature passes bill excusing new mothers from jury duty

Democrat: How Jefferson County schools turned it around, escaped state control

FlaPol: Bill uncorking wine bottle size limits ready for Senate floor vote

Times: As Clearwater election nears, a debate over who's in the 'establishment'

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TB Times: Post said US is third in gun violence because of five cities | Fact check

TB Times: Clearwater mayor's race draws big money as March 19 election draws near

TB Times: Power plants keep Florida manatees warm. What happens when they close?

Sun Sentinel: Fact check: Biden is right. The US generally pays double that of other countries for prescription drugs

Sun Sentinel: Asked to clear up abortion bans, GOP leaders blame doctors and misinformation for the confusion

Sun Sentinel: Purple Ohio? Parties in the former bellwether state take lessons from 2023 abortion, marijuana votes

Herald: Say gay, Florida. DeSantis' homophobic law doesn't survive court challenge intact | Opinion

Sun Sentinel: Democratic protest vote movement over Israel-Hamas war spreads to other states

Sun Sentinel: Biden and Trump could clinch nominations in Tuesday's contests, ushering in general election

Sun Sentinel: Pythons, red tide, beef research: A look at some programs in Florida's new budget

TB Times: NAACP urges student-athletes to 'reconsider' going to Florida's public colleges

TB Times: How a lawsuit illustrated a weakness in Florida public records law

TB Times: DeSantis recommends ex-adviser to replace administrator at Disney district

Sun Sentinel: Congressional hearing on the Biden classified documents probe turns into a proxy campaign battle

Sun Sentinel: Florida's 'parental rights' law to be clarified under lawsuit settlement. Here's what it will mean for schools.

Sun Sentinel: State Democrats set date for final action on suspended county party chairs

TB Times: Florida settles lawsuit over parental rights law, will clarify vague wording

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