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Tuesday - Feb. 13, 2024

Politico: Trump attends closed-door hearing in Florida classified docs case

TCPalm: Former President Donald Trump attends Monday hearing at federal courthouse in Fort Pierce

Sentinel: Rubio brushes aside Trump's insult of Haley's husband

FlaPol: Marco Rubio rips Joe Biden for 'undermining' Benjamin Netanyahu with bad words, temper tantrums

WUSF: Florida Supreme Court won't speed up a redistricting fight

Bradenton Herald: Florida Supreme Court decision has big implication for Gov's disputed congressional map

Democrat: Evan Power says being both party chair, lobbyist is natural fit to strengthen Florida GOP

FlaPol: Florida’s cultured meat ban grinds ahead— and China can’t be happier

Post: Youngest congressman, Maxwell Frost, says focus on Biden success, not age

My News 13: Rep. Donalds talks resolution to recognize Frederick Douglass

Daily News: Is nuclear power fizzling out in Florida? Not so fast... why it still has plenty of juice

FlaPol: Virtual currency tax holiday would cost state coffers $1.4B, economists project

WUSF: Former New York City mayor and Moms for Liberty co-founder are set to debate book bans in Orlando

FlaPol: Winning bid announced for Medicaid managed care developmental disability pilot program

Post: Which Florida counties have the most private schools and students? What to know

Daily News: 'I am shocked': Patient assaults at SWFL hospitals a constant threat to health workers

Post: PBC kids attending private schools with taxpayer-funded vouchers doubled this year. Why?

CBS Miami: Miami is one of the most congested cities in the world, study found

The Capitolist: Two Florida universities appear at top of 'Best Online Bachelors Program' ranking

WLRN: The Florida legislature's $115B spending proposal is receiving some pushback from Democrats

The Capitolist: Republican Party of Florida takes stance against abortion amendment

WLRN: Senate President may stall support for Confederate monument protection bill

Democrat: LGBTQ advocates say Florida social media minor ban would block life-saving resources

FlaPol: Tech-backed campaign demands lawmakers fix social media ban by empowering parents

FlaPol: Ban on sale cultivated meat advances in House, but with room for lab research

The Capitolist: Ban on lab-grown meat advances with changes

WUSF: Public school advocates say a proposed charter conversion bill could have unintended consequences

My News 13: Florida House considers hemp regulations

FlaPol: Hemp rules keep moving through House. What substances could be banned?

Times: School employee unions struggle to meet tougher state rules to survive

FlaPol: State economists can't say if stripping age increase would cost Florida money or not

My News 13: Florida bill hopes to bridge gap between first responders and disabled drivers

News4Jax: City leaders redraft letter to state reps in fight against ethics bills that strip 'local control' of investigations

WLRN: State legislation may open a path for affordable housing development in the Keys

FlaPol: Gov. DeSantis honors fallen FHP Trooper Zachary Fink

CBS Miami: Florida Department of Education to audit Broward Schools

WUSF: Florida lawmaker is no longer pushing to designate Captiva as a conservation area

FlaPol: Ethics board to advise strictures on Coral Gables Commissioner's in-city business dealings

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TB Times: Post said US is third in gun violence because of five cities | Fact check

TB Times: Clearwater mayor's race draws big money as March 19 election draws near

TB Times: Power plants keep Florida manatees warm. What happens when they close?

Sun Sentinel: Fact check: Biden is right. The US generally pays double that of other countries for prescription drugs

Sun Sentinel: Asked to clear up abortion bans, GOP leaders blame doctors and misinformation for the confusion

Sun Sentinel: Purple Ohio? Parties in the former bellwether state take lessons from 2023 abortion, marijuana votes

Herald: Say gay, Florida. DeSantis' homophobic law doesn't survive court challenge intact | Opinion

Sun Sentinel: Democratic protest vote movement over Israel-Hamas war spreads to other states

Sun Sentinel: Biden and Trump could clinch nominations in Tuesday's contests, ushering in general election

Sun Sentinel: Pythons, red tide, beef research: A look at some programs in Florida's new budget

TB Times: NAACP urges student-athletes to 'reconsider' going to Florida's public colleges

TB Times: How a lawsuit illustrated a weakness in Florida public records law

TB Times: DeSantis recommends ex-adviser to replace administrator at Disney district

Sun Sentinel: Congressional hearing on the Biden classified documents probe turns into a proxy campaign battle

Sun Sentinel: Florida's 'parental rights' law to be clarified under lawsuit settlement. Here's what it will mean for schools.

Sun Sentinel: State Democrats set date for final action on suspended county party chairs

TB Times: Florida settles lawsuit over parental rights law, will clarify vague wording

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