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Saturday - Feb. 10, 2024
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Sun Sentinel: Robert F. Kennedy Jr. to announce vice presidential running mate March 26 in California

Sun Sentinel: In latest shakeup, Martin Garcia out as Disney oversight board chairman

TB Times: Shakeup continues at Disney district a year after takeover by DeSantis appointees

TB Times: Congress could ban TikTok. Here's how Florida House members just voted.

TB Times: The latest on Florida State, ACC dueling lawsuits

Sun Sentinel: Anticipating possible surge of people fleeing Haiti, state deploys forces to South Florida

TB Times: How a lawsuit illustrated a weakness in Florida public records law

Herald: With Haiti in disarray, DeSantis to deploy hundreds of officers to patrol Florida shores

Sun Sentinel: US lawmakers say TikTok won't be banned if it finds a new owner. But that's easier said than done

Sun Sentinel: Biden and Trump are now their parties' presumptive nominees. What does that mean?

TB Times: Why more Florida Hispanic voters are leaning Republican, and what it means for 2024

TB Times: House passes bill that could ban TikTok in US

Sun Sentinel: Judge dismisses some charges against Trump in the Georgia 2020 election interference case

Herald: This could be a big deal in November. Here's what's driving Hispanic voters to the right

TB Times: Florida protects student-athletes from heat. It hasn't done the same for workers.

Sun Sentinel: House GOP launches new probe of Jan. 6 and tries shifting blame for Capitol attack away from Trump

Sun Sentinel: House passes a bill that could lead to a TikTok ban if Chinese owner refuses to sell

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