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Sunday - Feb. 4, 2024
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Herald: This could be a big deal in November. Here's what's driving Hispanic voters to the right

TB Times: Florida protects student-athletes from heat. It hasn't done the same for workers.

Sun Sentinel: Trump wins delegates needed to become GOP's presumptive nominee for third straight election

Sun Sentinel: President Joe Biden has won enough delegates to clinch the 2024 Democratic nomination

Sun Sentinel: Judge approves Trump's $92 million bond to cover jury award in E. Jean Carroll defamation case

TB Times: Post said US is third in gun violence because of five cities | Fact check

TB Times: Clearwater mayor's race draws big money as March 19 election draws near

Sun Sentinel: Creator of Charlotte's Web CBD urges DeSantis to veto hemp bill

TB Times: Power plants keep Florida manatees warm. What happens when they close?

Sun Sentinel: Fact check: Biden is right. The US generally pays double that of other countries for prescription drugs

Sun Sentinel: Asked to clear up abortion bans, GOP leaders blame doctors and misinformation for the confusion

Sun Sentinel: Purple Ohio? Parties in the former bellwether state take lessons from 2023 abortion, marijuana votes

Herald: Say gay, Florida. DeSantis' homophobic law gets a much-needed clarification | Opinion

Sun Sentinel: Democratic protest vote movement over Israel-Hamas war spreads to other states

Sun Sentinel: Biden and Trump clinch nominations, setting the stage for a grueling general election rematch

Sun Sentinel: Pythons, red tide, beef research: A look at some programs in Florida's new budget

TB Times: NAACP urges student-athletes to 'reconsider' going to Florida's public colleges

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