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Tuesday - Jan. 30, 2024

FlaPol: Ron DeSantis has doubts about Donald Trump as 2024 GOP standard-bearer

WUSF: DeSantis urges four amendments, including a balanced US budget and setting term limits for Congress

Post: Biden, Trump assail each other in stump speeches ahead of president's Palm Beach fundraiser

Politico: Biden takes a swing through unfriendly 'Trump Country'

Herald: Biden's top fundraisers are hosting him in Miami, saying Florida is 'still in play'

Sentinel: Migrant relocation flyers came from DeSantis administration contractor, records show

FlaPol: After long wait, Mario Díaz-Balart endorses Donald Trump

FlaPol: Marco Rubio, 4 state lawmakers endorse Kevin Marino Cabrera for Florida GOP Vice Chair

WLRN: Racial gerrymandering trial begins in Miami

Herald: Miami racial gerrymandering case could lead to new city elections in all five districts

Axios: Florida unions flop amid low point for U.S. labor organizing

Sentinel: Florida leads nation in immigration court backlog as cases surge across US

Post: Students will graduate with the least debt at these Florida colleges and universities

DBNJ: Famously anti-GOP spice company Penzey’s returning to Florida ‘where woke goes to die’

WLRN: Broward inmate deaths sound alarms for reform and resources in county jails

CBS Miami: NAACP calls on Department of Justice to investigate rash of inmate deaths at Broward jail

WUSF: A Florida A&M University discrimination lawsuit has been tossed out

AP: Florida attorneys who criticized discrimination ruling should be suspended, judge says

FlaPol: Special Counsel to investigate whether Richard Del Toro violated Hatch Act

Herald Tribune: Florida GOP chair backs Culbreath in Manatee County REC power struggle

WUSF: A Florida park just saw a record number of manatees gather together in its waters

FlaPol: Florida gas prices rise 16 cents alongside crude oil costs

My News 13: UCF's new nursing school facility hopes to combat nursing shortage

News4Jax: Back home in Florida after White House bid ends, DeSantis is still focused on Washington's problems

My News 13: Abortion activists on both sides prepare for Florida Supreme Court hearing

The Capitolist: House subcommittee advances proposal to increase majority requirement for constitutional amendments

WUSF: Artificial intelligence regulation a major theme this legislative session

The Capitolist: House Subcommittee advances AI regulations

Times: These 3 controversial Florida bills aren't likely to move forward

Times: Florida lawmakers offer shifting views on how much to protect children

WUSF: Should Marsy's Law victim privacy extend to Florida law enforcement? One lawmaker says yes

Times: Democrats call out DeSantis for fighting state attorney's reinstatement

WUSF: Suspended Hillsborough state attorney Andrew Warren says he's focused on reinstatement

FlaPol: Andrew Warren continues legal fight, but uncertainty over timing, election remains

FlaPol: In the zone: House Committee advances bill creating 2-mile protection buffer around Everglades

The Capitolist: Senate banking committee advances Citizens Property Insurance revisions

FlaPol: Fantasy sports bill barring those under 21 years old from playing advances in Senate

Democrat: FSU suspends student group after it interrupted meeting with pro-Palestinian chants

Times: Florida schools turn to metal detectors as kids bring guns

My News 13: Florida lawmakers considering legislation that would create a state 'dangerous dog' registry

Sentinel: Space Florida seeks additional state funding, more spaceport territory

The Capitolist: Space Florida gears up for increased launches

FlaPol: Bills creating license plates to celebrate Florida boating, recycling speed ahead

FlaPol: Brazilian butt lift bill clears House health care spending panel

News4Jax: Wood-frame construction, like what was used in RISE Doro, is common in Florida because of its cost. But there are risks

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Sun Sentinel: Biden campaign has amassed $155M in cash on hand for 2024 campaign and raised $53M last month

Sun Sentinel: Trump says some migrants are 'not people' and predicts a 'bloodbath' if he loses

TB Times: Why more Florida Hispanic voters are leaning Republican, and what it means for 2024

TB Times: Race for east St. Petersburg City Council seat heating up

TB Times: Even after Marsy's Law ruling, Tallahassee police shield officer involved in shooting

Sun Sentinel: Abortion story from wife of Nevada Senate hopeful reveals complexity of issue for GOP candidates

TB Times: NAACP urges student-athletes to 'reconsider' going to Florida's public colleges

TB Times: DeSantis, Florida Republicans escalate talk of threats posed by migrants

Sun Sentinel: Former Vice President Mike Pence says he's not endorsing Trump

TB Times: Florida settles lawsuit over parental rights law, will clarify vague wording

TB Times: Does Hillsborough need a new schools tax? Board candidates are divided.

TB Times: Rep. Matt Gaetz subpoenaed in lawsuit regarding Joel Greenberg sex scandal

TB Times: How would these St. Petersburg candidates vote on the Rays deal?

TB Times: Bring 'safe spaces' back to Florida schools, says plaintiff in settled case

Sun Sentinel: Matt Gaetz subpoenaed in lawsuit regarding Greenberg sex scandal

TB Times: Securing public records in Florida can take cash, patience and lawyers

Sun Sentinel: How cryptocurrency executives helped decide the California Senate primary

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