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Monday - May. 1, 2023

FlaPol: The final countdown: A quick peek at some outstanding issues headed into last week of Session

Herald: Florida's surgeon general is no stranger to controversy and clashes. A second term is imminent

Herald: Florida's surgeon general is up for second term. Here's how COVID-19 fared under him

News4Jax: LGBTQ+ lawmaker to GOP: 'I'm literally trying to exist'

The Capitolist: Senate passes bill requiring Florida employers with 25 or more employees to use E-Verify

City & State FL: Is Donna Deegan the next great hope of Florida Democrats?

FlaPol: Donna Deegan had her reasons for missing Nikki Fried photo-op

FlaPol: Legislature passes bill doubling cap on house-hardening grants through My Safe Florida Home program

Herald: Senate approves measure to end local control of historic preservation near the coast

WUSF: Permanent tax-free diapers, incontinence products get bipartisan support in legislature

Herald Tribune: Florida Legislature approves settlement money for Sarasota resident injured by county truck

FlaPol: Budget conference: Lawmakers agree on $73M in operational support for colleges, universities

FlaPol: Budget conference: Jax UF campus will get $75M in state funds

FlaPol: Free range: Legislature approves bill banning local prohibitions on gas stoves

FlaPol: Budget conference: Pediatrician fees, graduate medical education done deal

FlaPol: Budget conference: Hillsborough County surtax refund fix could wait a year

FlaPol: Budget conference: Citrus County projects in good shape

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