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Saturday - Apr. 29, 2023

Politico: Florida Legislature passes bill allowing DeSantis to run for president as governor

AP: Bill allows DeSantis to run for president while governor

NYTimes: Florida Lawmakers Clear a Potential Presidential Roadblock for DeSantis

WUSF: Florida lawmakers pass a bill allowing DeSantis to run for president while governor

FlaPol: Legislature approves elections bill with resign-to-run fix for Gov. DeSantis

Ledger: Not a rebellion, but Republican lawmakers dial back DeSantis on immigration, universities

AP: Diversity, immigration, abortion targeted in Florida bills

Times: Florida Senate passes a watered-down slate of higher education changes

Sentinel: Renter, landlord bills head to DeSantis amidst affordable housing shortage

WUSF: Florida lawmakers passes security deposit alternative bill for renters

FlaPol: House passes bill lowering long gun purchase age from 21 to 18

FlaPol: Despite budget differences, Kathleen Passidomo remains optimistic Session will end on time

WUSF: Florida Senate backs controversial immigration changes

FlaPol: Illegal immigration crackdown passes Senate, debate moves to the House

Sentinel: Activists brace for ‘draconian’ immigration bill to become Florida law

FlaPol: Legislature clears $1.85M payment to Robert DuBoise, who spent 37 years wrongly imprisoned

FlaPol: House, Senate wrangle over Casey DeSantis Cancer Research Program

FlaPol: Biosolid refinement bill glides to Senate

FlaPol: Legislature passes revenue changes to help cover court clerks funding shortfall

FlaPol: House passes Miami-Dade-inspired bill setting Sheriff jurisdiction, limiting city police defunding

FlaPol: Hunting and fishing constitutional amendment reels in Senators, heads to ballot

FlaPol: Senate passes coastal demolition bill with new exclusions for small cities

FlaPol: Hemp bill with no THC caps passes Senate, looks likely to become law

FlaPol: Senate sends bill loosening School Board candidate residency requirements back to the House

FlaPol: Hurricane relief bill heading back to Senate with controversial utility protection

FlaPol: Senate OKs more regulations for online vacation rentals

FlaPol: Budget conference: House increases OCEARCH facility offer to $5M

FlaPol: Budget conference: House, Senate meet on $5M for sargassum cleanup

FlaPol: Budget conference: Everglades City scores $13M for emergency center

FlaPol: Budget conference: VISIT FLORIDA spared, gets funding boost to $80M

FlaPol: Budget conference: House agrees to scrap $2M earmark for electric vehicle repair training

FlaPol: Budget conference: USS Orleck funding in ship shape

Politico: DeSantis allies go to war with an unlikely foe: Nikki Haley

The Hill: Pro-DeSantis PAC positions Florida governor as successor to Trump

The Hill: DeSantis says reports on campaign launch dates are ‘inaccurate’

FlaPol: Another major GOP donor rules Ron DeSantis out

FlaPol: Kat Cammack not yet committing to a 2024 presidential pick

Times: These Florida Cuban voters want Trump over DeSantis. Here's why.

WaPo: DeSantis stirs up opposition in Florida town built by Disney

FlaPol: Rick Scott still hopes ‘cooler heads prevail’ in Ron DeSantis, Disney war

Ledger: U.S. Sen. Marco Rubio cautions DeSantis that Disney-like disputes could harm Florida

Capitolist: DeSantis boosts Florida economic ties with South Korea, announces clean hydrogen technology and eVTOL collaboration

The Hill: Trump, Fox News have a new point of tension: Tucker Carlson

Times: Andrew Gillum corruption trial now in jury's hands

Ledger: Jury wraps deliberations for the day as closings paint dueling portraits of Andrew Gillum

FlaPol: Before running for Senate, did Keith Gross help run a Maryland restaurant into the ground?

FlaPol: Carluccis split in Jax mayoral race endorsements

Times: Florida to keep company blamed for early morning alert for a bit longer

Sun-Sentinel: Biden approves major disaster declaration, FEMA assistance for Broward County. Fort Lauderdale may offer $5,000 per household

AP: Biden declares Fort Lauderdale disaster area after flooding

TCPalm: UF President Ben Sasse announces departure of top official in first major shakeup

Times: Florida churches split from Methodist denomination over LGBTQ inclusion

Herald: Surfside tragedy survivors honor Israeli rescuers in an emotional Holy Land reunion

Herald: Miami Beach commissioners vote to help themselves get pensions. Here's who could benefit

Sentinel: Worrell says Orange GOP official is helping DeSantis' office in 'witch-hunt'

Times: A Pinellas school regains its name, and Black history, after 55 years

AP: Kicked off Medicaid: Millions at risk as states trim rolls

Sentinel: Florida lawmakers may postpone tougher high school graduation rules for class of 2023

FlaPol: Senate approves bill protecting SpaceX, Blue Origin from civil lawsuits if crew members are killed or injured

FlaPol: Legislature approves Osborne Reef restoration plan

FlaPol: Senate passes bill to save roller skating rinks

Floridian: Moskowitz Discusses How Democrats Can Move Forward on Gun Control

WaPo: Florida principal ousted over David images gets to see the real thing

AP: US principal forced out in ‘porn’ flap views David statue

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