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Friday - Apr. 28, 2023

NYTimes: Man vs. Mouse: Ron DeSantis Finds Taking On Disney Is a Dicey Business

AP: Florida Gov. DeSantis says Disney lawsuit is political

Herald: Despite warnings, Florida Senate moves bill to aid DeSantis in battle with Disney

FlaPol: Marco Rubio says Ron DeSantis’ Disney pressure could be ‘problematic’

The Hill: Rubio warns against Florida going after companies for ‘political purposes’

FlaPol: Ashley Moody 'puzzled' by Disney naming Ron DeSantis in its lawsuit against the state

Newsweek: Kevin McCarthy urges Ron DeSantis to end Disney feud

Politico: DeSantis rivals are enjoying his feud with Disney. Here are the Republicans who’ve lashed out.

FlaPol: Gov. DeSantis signs law cracking down on hate speech, says Florida ‘led the way’ fighting antisemitism

Times: Bill restricting teacher, public sector unions heads to DeSantis

WLRN: Florida leaders have agreed on a $350m fund to cover public schools

FlaPol: Sweeping immigration bill readied for passage amid Democrats' protest

Times: Amid Florida insurance crisis, lawmakers drop idea to investigate profits

FlaPol: House passes $1.4B tax cut package heavy on sales tax cuts for consumers

FlaPol: Senate bounces amended Kratom Consumer Protection Act back to House for additional vote

FlaPol: Senate OKs more regulations for online vacation rentals

FlaPol: Legislature approves bill to help unwed fathers gain parental rights

FlaPol: Ava's Law wins House approval, path forward in the Senate murky

FlaPol: Darren Soto, Scott Franklin want Florida citrus eligible for USDA conservation program

FlaPol: Legislature passes bill loosening local restrictions on delivery drones

FlaPol: In the wake of a colleague's tragedy, Senate set to vote on blood clot study group

FlaPol: House passes Apalachicola Bay $25M plan, Brevard island critical designation

E&E News: Solar to gas stoves: What to know about DeSantis and energy

FlaPol: Budget conference: Health care budget, projects bumped to Appropriations Chairs to solve

FlaPol: Budget conference: Farewell Elliot building, hello Memorial Park

FlaPol: Budget conference: House and Senate agree to bump prosecutor by pay nearly $10M

FlaPol: Budget conference: Clay County stations, Sarasota training academy win dollars in fire fight

Sun-Sentinel: Split federal appeals court rules Florida's new elections law did not intentionally discriminate against Black voters

Politico: Appeals court upholds Florida voting restrictions approved by GOP lawmakers

AP: Panel: Florida election law didn’t target Black voters

AP: School superintendent who criticized DeSantis could lose job

Sun-Sentinel: Many workers could see pay cut if Florida ends local living wage laws

Sun-Sentinel: Florida bills open the door to demolishing iconic Miami Beach and Key West sites

Capitolist: Florida Senate cracks down on foreign influence in higher education, establishes collaboration, gift-receiving guidelines

Capitolist: Senate passes accountability legislation to tighten regulations on insurance companies

Politico: The one big advantage Ron De$antis has: Tons and tons of cash

Politico: DeSantis Hates the Media — But Not This One Outlet

NYTimes: In Israel, Ron DeSantis Promotes His Foreign Policy Credentials

Herald: DeSantis says U.S. should stay out of Israel's debate over democracy: 'You figure it out'

WaPo: On world tour, DeSantis walks in Trump's illiberal shadow

Floridian: DeSantis Reaffirms Support for Israel, Declares BDS is 'DOA'

Axios: Scoop: DeSantis dines with Miriam Adelson, other major GOP donors in Israel

Politico: Trump who? Farage’s party cozies up to DeSantis as White House hopeful lands in UK

Times: Taxpayers not on hook for DeSantis overseas trip, his office says

City & State FL: Where'd Ron go? Keeping track of Florida Gov. DeSantis' out-of-state travels

Times: DeSantis has this advantage over Trump in 2024. Few are talking about it.

FlaPol: ‘Totally B.S.’: Ron DeSantis denies claims of force feeding while serving at Guantanamo Bay

Herald: DeSantis a Midwestener? Governor, allies tout Rust Belt ties before possible 2024 run

The Hill: 19 Michigan state GOP lawmakers throw support behind DeSantis

NYTimes: Trump weighs skipping primary debates

FlaPol: In New Hampshire, Donald Trump says Ron DeSantis is ‘crashing and burning’ in polls

Politico: E. Jean Carroll, under pointed questioning from Trump lawyer: 'He raped me whether I screamed or not'

FlaPol: Vivek Ramaswamy rips Ron DeSantis as a ‘follower’

FlaPol: Marco Rubio isn't endorsing in 2024 race yet

FlaPol: Carey Baker, Peyton Grinnell, David Jordan endorse Keith Truenow Senate bid

Democrat: Gillum trial day 9: Prosecutors and defense rest; former mayor opts not to testify

WUSF: Prosecutors in the Andrew Gillum trial rest their case

AP: Gillum trial: Official says PR firm was active in campaign

Herald: After his abrupt firing from Fox News, Tucker Carlson is seen near his Florida home

Times-Union: Republican Matt Carlucci backs Democrat Donna Deegan for mayor

Bradenton Herald: Building industry lobbyist declines Manatee administrator job after contract scrutiny

FlaPol: Florida Trucking Association, DEO launch 'Accelerate Opportunity' project

NBC 6: Teachers Conflicted Over Possibility to Return to Building Where Parkland Massacre Happened

Times: New College of Florida drama continues as trustees deny tenure for 5 faculty

WLRN: New College of Florida Board of Trustees vote to deny tenure to five professors

Ledger: A million people in Polk? Local leaders discuss the biggest changes at State of Polk event

FlaPol: Melbourne Starbucks workers unionize

Herald Tribune: North Port ignores pleas from FEMA to allow temporary mobile home

WLRN: Juan Guaido in Miami: 'I was not going be one more Maduro political hostage.'

Axios: How Tampa Bay's air quality is declining

FlaPol: Jerry Springer, America’s ringmaster, was a Florida Democratic booster

Times: Jerry Springer in Florida: TV star, dead at 79, loved living in Sarasota

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TB Times: Four of Trump's children to represent Florida as delegates at GOP convention

TB Times: Rick Scott joined Donald Trump in court today. Here's why.

Sun Sentinel: Analysis: Rating change. Nevada a Toss-up in presidential race

Sun Sentinel: Stormy Daniels fends off accusations she made up story of tryst with Trump at hush money trial

Sun Sentinel: DeSantis clears some ethics cases after 2 years, but others still languish

Sun Sentinel: Lawyers' coalition provides new messengers for Black voter engagement

TB Times: Can Rick Scott get Florida Hispanics' vote over a Latina? He thinks so.

Sun Sentinel: Most of Trump's kids, including Barron, named presidential convention delegates for Florida

Herald: Rick Scott to attend Donald Trump's hush money trial in New York on Thursday

Sun Sentinel: Moskowitz uses taxpayer-funded mailer to distance himself from unpopular Biden border policies

Herald: Rick Scott says Florida Hispanics will choose him over a Latina. He may be right

Sun Sentinel: Trump attorney and Stormy Daniels trade barbs during questions about alleged 2006 sexual encounter

Sun Sentinel: Stormy Daniels spars with Trump defense attorney in tense exchange over cash-for-silence transaction

Sun Sentinel: Stormy Daniels testifies on the cash-for-silence transaction at the center of Trump's criminal trial

Sun Sentinel: Stormy Daniels returns to witness stand to face questions from Trump's lawyers in hush money trial

Sun Sentinel: Defense attacks Stormy Daniels' credibility as she returns to the stand in Trump's hush money trial

Sun Sentinel: Barron Trump, 18, to make political debut as Florida delegate to the Republican convention

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