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Thursday - Nov. 3, 2022

The Capitolist: Despite early advantages, Val Demings keeps falling further behind Rubio

CBS Miami: U.S. Senate race tilts toward Marco Rubio

CBS Miami: Demings on Rubio's claims, 'Desperate people do desperate things'

FlaPol: Rick Scott doesn't think 'Rescue America' plan hurts Republicans

WLRN: Gimenez looks ahead in Florida's new 28th District. But Asencio hopes to 'marshal' Dem potential

Herald: New video shows beating of Republican canvasser in Hialeah. He may soon testify in open court

FlaPol: Marco Rubio prods FDA to greenlight Gov. DeSantis' Canadian drug plan

Times: Val Demings focuses on abortion in Tampa on stop supporting Janet Cruz

The Floridian: Rubio Questions Move to Pull Out Fighter Jets in Japan Amid China Tension

CBS Miami: Republican turnout surging in traditionally blue Miami-Dade

FlaPol: Vote with your feet: Post-pandemic Florida transplants twice as likely to be Rs as Ds

Times: 9 things Florida's election could say about its future

Post: Post-Roe, how Florida abortion laws (24-hour delay and 15-week abortion ban) affect emergency care

News-Press: Lake Okeechobee leveling off after rains from Hurricane Ian. But there's still a threat.

Sentinel: Joel Greenberg associate's Bahamas cruise violated release terms, judge rules

Sentinel: Central Florida blogger examined by prosecutors in Capitol riot probe, report says

Herald: Monitoring misinformation: What's being said on Spanish radio in Miami before election?

Sentinel: Prosecutors look at Florida election protest as a model for Jan. 6

Herald: Parkland school shooter sentenced to life in prison as families vow he 'will be forgotten'

NBC Miami: Parkland School Gunman Sentenced to Life After Families Have Final Say

WUSF: A Florida Oath Keepers member says the Capitol riot was historic and spontaneous

The Capitolist: Google, South Florida Water Management partner to tackle critical water programs

The Capitolist: LSQ provides $12 million to medical staffing firm aiding Hurricane Ian relief efforts

The Capitolist: HCA Florida names new North Florida Division president

Sun-Sentinel: Charlie Crist describes Biden as 'ageless' and full of energy, depicts DeSantis as a cowardly bully

The Floridian: DeSantis Says Crist & Biden are ‘two peas in a pod’

FlaPol: Charlie Crist campaign claims momentum from Joe Biden rallies, fundraiser

FlaPol: Ron DeSantis to hold 'Don't Tread on Florida Tour' ahead of General Election

TCPalm: DeSantis expected to draw 2,000 people to 'Don't Tread on Florida' rally in Port St. Lucie

CBS Miami: Charlie Crist rallies support at "Choose Freedom" tour stop in Wilton Manors

Times: DeSantis used taxpayer money to fly migrants to Florida, then fly them out

CBS Miami: Florida voters facing confusion over who is allowed to vote

CBS Miami: More than 3.3 million Florida voting ballots cast

Democrat: An energized Florida GOP looks to topple two Tallahassee titans, Al Lawson and Loranne Ausley

The Capitolist: Future state Senate President suggests Parental Rights bill could be expanded

FlaPol: Senate GOP hits 'B.S. Express' arrival in Tampa with ads targeting Janet Cruz, Eunic Ortiz

WUSF: Does the Constitution Revision Commission lift or limit voters' voices?

FlaPol: Ashley Moody wants higher state salaries for 'top legal talent'

The Capitolist: State revenue collections blow past September projections by nearly half a billion

WUSF: Hillsborough and Pinellas officials say they've been free of voter intimidation during early voting

Sentinel: Central Florida election leaders see smattering signs of voter intimidation

WUSF: Florida emergency officials launch a program to help with Hurricane Ian debris removal

News-Press: Is it safe to get in? Three scientists explain why they're avoiding certain waters after Ian

The Capitolist: FGCU selection of president-elect delayed by two weeks

Today: Brevard GOP chair to task committee with investigating Indialantic candidate's antisemitic remarks, but not pulling support

Sun-Sentinel: State orders audit of Broward schools giving 3 employees $237,000 in exit pay

WLRN: Stilt homes, raised roads, maybe a huge wall. Can Miami-Dade stay safe from storm surge?

DBNJ: Bethune-Cookman students, faculty march to the polls in Daytona Beach for early voting

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