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Sunday - Jul. 17, 2022
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TB Times: Crist, Fried each make their case to be governor as Democrats meet in Tampa

TB Times: In Tampa, 2 events — and 2 visions for Florida —collide as Democrats, Moms for Liberty meet

Herald: Crist and Fried make case to face DeSantis in Florida Democratic Party summit in Tampa

Herald: One Florida, two visions as Republicans and Democrats attend dueling Tampa conferences

TB Times: Abortion on a ship in the Gulf of Mexico? Advocates get creative to protect access

TB Times: At Moms for Liberty event in Tampa, a push to win school board elections

TB Times: Judge shields Corcoran in 'intellectual freedom' case

Sentinel: As 988 debuts, will Central Florida crisis centers be ready?

Herald: Gavin Newsom reveals the motivation behind his Florida ad targeting Ron DeSantis

Sentinel: As governor, both Crist and Fried say they'd suspend Broward Sheriff Gregory Tony from office

Herald: Daphne Campbell, ex-Florida lawmaker with messy past, is seeking a local mayoral seat

TB Times: House votes to restore abortion rights, Senate odds dim

Herald: Who are the Moms for Liberty and why do they have the ear of Florida's school officials?

TB Times: State lotteries increasingly cede control to huge firms

Herald: Conservative moms flex their muscle in Florida at Tampa summit graced by DeSantis

Sentinel: Researchers blast Florida's transgender treatment plan as 'incorrect and scientifically unfounded'

TB Times: Pinellas congressional hopeful Anna Paulina Luna sued over dog bite

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