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Thursday - Jun. 16, 2022

Politico: Elon Musk 'leaning' towards supporting DeSantis for president

News4Jax: Elon Musk says hes leaning toward casting presidential vote for Ron DeSantis in 2024

Politico: Florida is the only state to skip pre-ordering Covid-19 vaccines for kids

WUSF: Democrat Al Lawson says he has 'good relationships' across new GOP-leaning district

FlaPol: Gov. DeSantis says Jan. 6 a 'dead horse' and a loser with voters

ABC Action News: At least 1 Florida property insurance company unable to secure reinsurance by mid-June

FlaPol: Marco Rubio says media condones 'political violence' against the right

Times: MAGA influencers flock to Florida, chasing political clout and connections

My News 13: Rep. Murphy: Jan. 6 panels work 'an effort to guard our democracy'

The Floridian: Waltz Introduces Distributed Ledger Technology Act

FlaPol: Rick Scott uses 'dead dog' analogy in response to critics

FlaPol: Military veteran, FedEx executive launches self-funded Primary bid against Matt Gaetz

Times: Florida congressional hopeful touts support from DeSantis — Sr.

The Capitolist: Duval, regional leaders endorse Aaron Bean for CD 4

The Floridian: Demings Stands Behind DACA as Program Turns 10 Years Old

The Floridian: Byron Donalds to President Biden: We Told You So

FlaPol: Democrat Khalid Muneer jumps into CD 10 contest

FlaPol: Parkland's pain recalled in Senate hearing on protecting kids from gun violence

Sun-Sentinel: Parkland activists join renewed push for gun safety laws

Ledger: Report: Daughter of Publix founder paid $60,000 for Jan. 6 speech to Trump Jr.'s fiancee

CBS Miami: Federal Surfside condo collapse investigation enters new phase

My News 13: Disney delays moving parks division jobs from California to Florida

Sentinel: Ted Edwards, former Orange commissioner, to run for Congress

Sun-Sentinel: Lawyers urge leniency at sentencing for Epstein associate Ghislaine Maxwell

Herald: Ghislaine Maxwell seeks sentence well below 20-year recommendation by probation department

CBS Miami: Florida hospital inpatients with COVID-19 Top 3,400

Times-Union: Jacksonville National Guard member's viral TikTok says military downplayed her reported rape

Sun-Sentinel: New DNA evidence in 1990 Florida rape-murder points to guilt of suspect who was acquitted

Herald Tribune: Sarasota has strongest COVID recovery of any other mid-sized market

Times: One Hillsborough school prepares to scrap its Native American mascot, another does not

My News 13: 3 St. Cloud residents face charges related to Jan. 6 attack on U.S. Capitol

Politico: Ron DeSantis attempts to take over the GOP-led Florida Senate

CBS Miami: Gov. Ron DeSantis addresses 'woke gender ideology' ahead of 'Don't say gay' law taking effect

Democrat: DeSantis' 'Stop Woke Act' faces court test as universities become targets. At issue: free speech

WUSF: DeSantis announces a new Florida State Guard and the retired Marine who will lead it

Herald: Retired Marine heads new Florida State Guard, 1,200 apply as volunteers

Sun-Sentinel: Crist and Fried, together in West Palm Beach, agree on substance and harsh words for DeSantis but differ on style

FlaPol: Few policy contrasts as Charlie Crist and Nikki Fried talk issues at forum

FlaPol: Charlie Crist lists net worth at $1.9M, Ron DeSantis sits at $318,000

News-Press: State Sen. Ray Rodrigues drops Senate reelection bid

The Capitolist: Drama: chancellor talk swirls as Ray Rodrigues exits reelection campaign; replacement anointed

WLRN: Florida will seek a 'holistic' approach to help fathers' parenting skills and aid at-risk youths

NBC Miami: No Contest Plea for Extorting South Florida Senator With Explicit Photos

Sun-Sentinel: Man admits to trying to extort State Sen. Lauren Book, faces up to 21 years

FlaPol: State's biggest LBGTQ political organization backs Lauren Book

Ledger: Florida lawmakers aim to lower rules for sugar levels in oranges

FlaPol: Top IT official: Low pay, 'remote' location turns talent away from state jobs

Times: Republican Jay Collins moves to Florida Senate race with DeSantis endorsement

FlaPol: Jay Collins shifts to challenge Janet Cruz, with Ron DeSantis support

FlaPol: Ron DeSantis endorses David Smith for HD 38

FlaPol: Jim Mooney tops HD 120 field in May fundraising

The Capitolist: Flagler County Commission Chair Joe Mullins backs Carolina Amesty for HD 45

FlaPol: JAXBIZ picks 'proven leader' Mincy Pollock in HD 14 Democratic Primary

CBS Miami: As 1-year mark inches closer, family members of Surfside collapse victims want someone held accountable: "We need answers"

Times: DeSantis signals he will support USF science center next year, officials say

WLRN: Fish and wildlife conservation experts are preparing to start aiding malnourished manatees

My News 13: Manatee released back to Florida waters after 15-month rehabilitation

News-Press: Manatee 'rescued' off Cape Coral shores in 2021, returns twice her size and healthy

News4Jax: Council votes down resolution asking city to make plan, budget $500K to remove Confederate monuments

Times: What we learned Wednesday about USF's on-campus football stadium

PNJ: Florida taking ownership of Garcon Point Bridge, lowering toll to $2.75

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