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Saturday - May. 7, 2022
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TB Times: Abortion stories from years ago. It was always complicated.

TB Times: Most Florida math textbook reviewers didn't see evidence of 'woke' concepts

Herald: Most Florida reviewers of math textbooks saw numbers, not 'woke' concepts, but a few did

Herald: How much do undocumented patients cost Florida's hospitals? State requests details

Sentinel: Only one reviewer complained of 'critical race theory' in Florida math textbooks

Sentinel: Orlando Sentinel, Sun Sentinel stand by math book story despite education agency's complaint

TB Times: Appeals court reinstates Florida's disputed voting law

TB Times: DeSantis to Florida hospitals: how much are you spending on 'illegal aliens'?

Sentinel: Abortion. Guns. Is it enough to wake up voters? | Steve Bousquet

Sentinel: Appeals court reinstates Florida's 2021 election law provisions struck down by judge

Herald: Florida's disputed voting laws likely in effect this year after appeals court ruling

Sentinel: Central Florida GOP candidate's campaign ad suggests he'll tear-gas the 'liberal' media

TB Times: Sales tax holidays, gas tax exemption: what's in the tax package DeSantis just signed

Herald: Florida grants sales tax exemptions for diapers, gas, school supplies, tools and more

Sentinel: DeSantis signs into law tax 'holidays' for gas, schools, hurricanes,

Sentinel: Voting-rights attacks are an indicator of progress | Commentary

Sentinel: Read it yourself: Reviewers search for objectional material in Florida math books

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