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Monday - May. 2, 2022
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TB Times: They survived the Holocaust, and found each other 79 years later

TB Times: Evidence mounts of GOP involvement in Trump election schemes

TB Times: National Democrats hesitant about Florida, hindering voter outreach efforts

TB Times: Biden roasts Trump, GOP, himself at correspondents' dinner

TB Times: Mark Meadows says Jan. 6 panel is leaking his texts to 'vilify' him

Sentinel: FPL flexes its muscle in Florida Legislature, but DeSantis says no on net metering

TB Times: Activists for student debt forgiveness ramp up pressure as Biden weighs options

TB Times: Do people banned from Twitter get to return under Elon Musk?

Sentinel: Florida budget 'turkey' list of questionable spending totals $281 million, tax group says

Sentinel: Crist, Fried, Taddeo slam DeSantis, go easy on each other at Orlando forum

Sentinel: Florida's altered social-media law is still flawed | Commentary

Sentinel: Rejecting 'social emotional learning' in math books doesn't add up, puzzled educators say

TB Times: Judge grants secrecy for some messages gathered in Florida's 'ghost' candidate probe

Sentinel: Axing Disney World's Reedy Creek could hurt Florida government finances, analysts say

TB Times: Disney special district dispute could 'weaken' other Florida government bonds, Fitch Ratings warns

Sentinel: DeSantis promises to sign 'constitutional carry' gun law before he leaves governor's office

TB Times: DeSantis promises Florida permitless carry gun law before he leaves governor's office

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