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Sunday - Apr. 24, 2022
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TB Times: Now that DeSantis signed Disney bill, who assumes all that bond debt?

Sentinel: Sales tax plan faces first big hurdle | Editorial

Sentinel: Jerry Demings: Penny tax would transform transportation in Orange | Commentary

TB Times: Florida's Disney district crackdown may violate First Amendment, legal experts say

TB Times: Floridians are suddenly curious about math textbooks. Here's why.

Herald: Is Florida's rapid-fire smackdown of Disney even legal? Experts raise questions

Sentinel: DeSantis signs law restricting teaching of race-related issues in schools and workplaces, continuing culture war focus

TB Times: Why are Disney and DeSantis feuding in Florida? An explainer.

TB Times: DeSantis signs 'stop woke' act, Disney bills next to a stage full of supporters

Herald: Credit agency wary of impact that bill dissolving Reedy Creek could have on Disney's debt

Herald: DeSantis signs 'Stop Woke Act' into law, touts 'education, not indoctrination'

Sentinel: Black members' protest against redistricting map was the result of months of frustration, organizers said

TB Times: DeSantis signs Florida race-related instruction bill; lawsuit quickly filed

TB Times: DeSantis signs bill that would dissolve Disney's special district

Sentinel: Voting groups sue Florida over congressional map drawn by DeSantis

TB Times: Voting groups sue Florida over DeSantis congressional map

Sentinel: DeSantis signs bill eliminating Walt Disney World's Reedy Creek district; Fitch warns of bond downgrade

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