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Monday - Dec. 27, 2021
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Sentinel: DeSantis signs law banning hospitals and care facilities from blocking family visits during health emergencies

TB Times: 5 ways Florida nursing home visits will change thanks to bill DeSantis just signed

TB Times: Tampa Bay mayors say transportation key to climate change plans

TB Times: Judge rejects stepping aside from Florida congressional redistricting case

Herald: Five ways Florida laws on visiting patients in nursing homes, hospitals just changed

Sentinel: Florida Democrats will probably get creamed this fall, but Rick Scott gives them hope | Commentary

Herald: Winsor worked on redistricting as a House lawyer. He's not recusing himself as judge

TB Times: Brandes pushes property insurance special session

TB Times: Investigator in Florida election fraud case criticized jailhouse voter registration effort

Sentinel: Brandes pushes for special session on soaring Florida property insurance rates

Herald: Wasserman Schultz tests positive for COVID, a day after school tour with education secretary

Sentinel: New Seminole election security initiative wouldn't target 'ghost' candidates

TB Times: Ivanka Trump testifies before House Jan. 6 panel

Sentinel: Florida teacher wearing 'Protect Trans Kids' shirt ordered to remove it

TB Times: Florida GOP leans on education platform to mobilize voters

Herald: Despite request by NAACP, Miami Mayor Suarez declines veto of new voting map

TB Times: Army veteran Chuck Nadd to vie with Wilton Simpson for Florida agriculture commissioner

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