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Thursday - Dec. 16, 2021

FlaPol: Did Mark Meadows texts include communications with Matt Gaetz?

WUSF: Citizens wants to raise its property insurance rates by double digits next year

WLRN: Long-term solutions sought for Florida manatees

TCPalm: Manatee feeding was to begin Wednesday. The only thing missing? Manatees.

WUSF: Ailing manatees benefit from warm weather, and an outpouring of donations and support

The Capitolist: Florida stands out again: this time for combating child trafficking

Sentinel: Marco Rubio introduces bill targeting online fentanyl sales

Sun-Sentinel: Florida Supreme Court declines to take up ballot image dispute

FlaPol: Rick Scott says poor people in Los Angeles want guns to feel safe

FlaPol: Economists lower Florida KidCare enrollment projections after public health emergency is extended

FlaPol: National health care advocacy group targets Miami Congress members

Herald: Grand jury: After Surfside collapse, require frequent inspections, stricter association rules

Herald: Judge allows Surfside expert to participate in on-site collapse investigation

WLRN: Feds quietly announce plans to change protections for Florida panther and Key deer

FlaPol: Florida deploys emergency team to Kentucky after tornado outbreak

CBS Miami: Miami-Dade Superintendent Alberto Carvalho Hopes His Replacement Is An Educator Who Understands The Community

CBS Miami: Homestead Air Reserve Base Given All-Clear After Damaged Ordinance Was Repaired

Herald: Bomb dropping from fighter jet on the ground prompts Homestead Air Reserve Base evacuation

FlaPol: Tri-Rail, Brightline go back and forth over Miami station struggles

Herald: Broward schools will recognize end of Ramadan for the first time in upcoming year

Sun-Sentinel: Spokesman files whistleblower lawsuit against Sheriff Gregory Tony over COVID pandemic

WUSF: Preliminary tests have found omicron in Orange County wastewater

Sentinel: Omicron has become the predominant variant found in Orange County's wastewater testing

Sun-Sentinel: South Florida man charged in Jan. 6 attack on U.S. Capitol

Post: 'Very powerful,' 'financially successful people' create fund to back West Palm Beach police

Times: Tampa selected to test electric plane-boat hybrid that can fly 180 mph

NBC Miami: Florida Gov. DeSantis Unveils 'Stop WOKE Act' Targeting Critical Race Theory

Politico: DeSantis pushes bill that allows parent to sue schools over critical race theory

AP: DeSantis: Critical race theory is "crap," vows to fight it

The Capitolist: "They want to tear the fabric of our society": DeSantis reignites battle over Critical Race Theory

Sun-Sentinel: Calling it 'state-sanctioned racism,' DeSantis seeks ban of critical race theory in schools, workplaces

Times: Nikki Fried accuses DeSantis of pay-for-play appointments, but offers no proof

FlaPol: Nikki Fried stands by charge that university trustees were required to donate $100K to Gov. DeSantis

FlaPol: Ray Rodrigues lays out timeline for Senate redistricting process to wrap

FlaPol: Ashley Moody vows to 'aggressively push back' on Head Start vaccine mandate

FlaPol: Monoclonal antibody cheerleader Dr. Ken Scheppke named Deputy Health Secretary

Herald Tribune: Sarasota lawmakers bill mandates anthem at professional sports games

FlaPol: Jeff Brandes, Jason Fischer file proposal to expand homestead exemption

Herald: Bill would build on reforms to program for Florida kids with birth-related brain injuries

The Capitolist: Hospital alliance to request $38 million in funding amid healthcare worker shortage

Sun: Gainesville officials say state laws limit ability to fight potential Omicron surge

WUSF: Sarasota pushes for the use of COVID-19 federal funds for affordable housing

FlaPol: Ana Maria Rodriguez posts best fundraising month this election cycle with $137K to defend SD 39

FlaPol: Kelly Skidmore's Palm Beach County district in flux as she collects $11,500 for re-election

FlaPol: Mike Caruso posts record fundraising month, with $17.5K raised in November

FlaPol: Hillary Cassel raises nearly $18K in November as HD 99 race appears to shift due to redistricting

FlaPol: John Snyder passes the $100,000 mark in his bid to retain HD 82 seat in Martin County

Herald: Florida science teacher fired for refusing to wear mask

FlaPol: Sean Shaw, Ben Diamond among donors backing Caprice Edmond reelection

Democrat: FSU 'working on master plan' for latest downtown office building

The Capitolist: Sarasota Memorial touts end-of-year investments, totaling $1 billion in new facilities

Sentinel: Candidates for Orlando airport chief executive officer include Florida's transportation secretary

FlaPol: Leon County Commission asks staff to draft public defecation, camping ordinance

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