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Friday - Nov. 5, 2021
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Sentinel: Purely by accident, Ron DeSantis may be best hope for defeating dark money | Editorial

Sentinel: As DeSantis targets election fraud, decision awaits on sanctions for South Florida 'ghost' candidate

TB Times: Proposal would weaken protections for tenured faculty at Florida universities

TB Times: Investiture honors James S. Moody III, son and grandson of judges, brother of Florida attorney general

Herald: Here's what Florida's aggressive push of monoclonal antibody COVID treatments cost

TB Times: Eckerd Connects loses child welfare contract in Pinellas, Pasco

Sentinel: Florida lawmakers raise prison guard pay by $5,000 a year

TB Times: Pinellas redistricting board suggests minor changes to commission boundaries

Sentinel: DeSantis vows lawsuit to fight Biden COVID-19 vaccine mandate for private sector

TB Times: DeSantis says Florida will sue federal government over workplace vaccine rule

Sentinel: DeSantis missed out on $232K in COVID-19 appreciation of his Ponte Vedra Beach house

TB Times: Florida's monoclonal antibody plan cost $244.8 million in 2021

TB Times: Polsky threatened after mask episode with Florida surgeon general

Sentinel: Florida GOP lawmakers poised to take on big business over COVID-19 vaccine mandates

Sentinel: Florida may hold 2 sales-tax holidays for hurricane supplies next year

TB Times: UF, seeking status in academia, is blasted by its own faculty leaders

Herald: 'Invest in it': Few voted in Miami-Dade's local elections. Experts say more can be done

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