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Saturday - Sep. 25, 2021

Times: Teacher bonus checks are bouncing in Florida

WaPo: Facing Black leaders' anger, Biden condemns treatment of Haitians

FlaPol: Ron DeSantis slams HUD, demands fixes at Jacksonville's 'deplorable' Hilltop Village

NYTimes: In Florida, The Cost of Insuring Expensive Waterfront Homes Is About to Skyrocket

FlaPol: After firestorm, Manny Diaz won't review school vaccine mandates

FlaPol: Rick Scott wants to know where COVID-19 stimulus trillions went

FlaPol: Gov. DeSantis taps top Donald Trump admin lawyer for Judicial Nominating Commission

Times: Tampa Bay judge dismisses Anna Paulina Luna stalking injunction against Braddock

FlaPol: Controversial pandemic food payments to start Nov. 15

FlaPol: Federal approval of additional $1.1B in Medicaid funds imminent, top health officials say

FlaPol: League of Conservation Voters presses Stephanie Murphy in new climate change ads

FlaPol: Nikki Fried mulls statewide ban of polystyrene takeout containers

FlaPol: Michael Grieco, Lauren Book bills call for study of magic mushroom, MDMA, ketamine therapies

FlaPol: Mike Grieco bill would give cities, counties full control over vacation rentals

FlaPol: State announces recipients of $114 million in wastewater treatment grants

FlaPol: Holly Raschein appointed to replace late Monroe Commissioner Mike Forster

FlaPol: Citrus-Hernando transportation lobbyist Robert Esposito tapped to lead regional MPO

Herald: Miami Beach commission candidate Branch withdraws from race to take TV contract

Politico: 'You've disgraced this country': Judge rips Florida man, Capitol riot defendant

NYTimes: Republican review of Arizona vote by Florida's Cyber Ninjas fails to show stolen election

Sun-Sentinel: Demand for unapproved COVID drug ivermectin in Florida creates conflicts and waiting lists

Sentinel: Florida's new school quarantine rules create division and worry

FlaPol: Florida's COVID-19 deaths declining, case numbers falling fast

WaPo: For every 4 New Yorkers who died of covid by the first peak, 3 have died in Florida during this one

Politico: DeSantis pulls ahead of 2024 GOP pack as Florida's Covid cases fall

Times: Nikki Fried helped elect Republicans leading Florida's vaccine fight

AP: Orlando mayor: Unvaccinated workers to get reprimands, not fired

Today: Astronaut's family comes down with COVID after launch, report says

Post: Oxbridge Academy, school of Barron Trump, closed amid health department probe

AP: USDA: Ferret tests positive for COVID-19 in Florida

AP: North Florida sheriff's deputy shot during traffic stop

Times: State Attorney's Office clears Tampa officers in three separate shootings

Post: Lake Worth Beach first city in county to join lawsuit against DeSantis' 'anti-riot bill'

Herald Tribune: Plan to inject Piney Point wastewater underground has critics

News 4 Jax: Legislation aimed at ending At-Large Jacksonville City Council seats to be introduced

Axios: Tampa's Hispanic population booms

Herald Tribune: Sarasota City Commission may pause plan for advancing ranked-choice voting

WLRN: Prison Poet Laureate Speaks For Florida's Incarcerated

Sun-Sentinel: Schools still botched threat assessments, 2 years after Parkland shooting

Times: 'Disappointing.' Study finds racial disparity in St. Petersburg business contracts

FlaPol: Policymakers, companies rush to embrace Clean Energy Week in Florida

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