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Sunday - Sep. 12, 2021
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Sentinel: 'What we experienced was not inevitable.' As COVID raged in Florida, DeSantis underestimated threat

TB Times: Where do Tampa Bay's lawmakers stand on masks in schools?

TB Times: Redistricting likely to help Harry Cohen in Hillsborough commission race

TB Times: Feds to investigate Florida education department over mask rules

TB Times: Florida's 9/11 terror cell: 20 years later, questions linger about Saudi connection

TB Times: DeSantis delights record crowd at Pasco GOP dinner with Biden barbs

TB Times: DeSantis, Republicans say they will challenge federal vaccine rule

Sentinel: DeSantis calls Biden administration's vaccine mandate a 'hissy fit'

Sentinel: Democrat removed as chair of Florida Senate panel that could hear Texas-style abortion bill

TB Times: For now, DeSantis order on school masks will stand, appeal court rules

Herald: How to prevent the next collapse? These ideas are being proposed locally and in Tallahassee

Herald: 'Have at it.' Biden readies for fight with DeSantis, others in GOP over vaccine rule

Sentinel: 'Don't DeSantis my California': Newsom recall opponents find a foil in Florida's governor

Herald: Court sides with DeSantis, reinstates school mask mandate ban pending outcome of appeal

Sentinel: At least one legislator is standing up for Florida's diminished public records law | Editorial

Herald: Senate Democratic leader stripped of committee chair. Miami Republican takes spot.

TB Times: Tampa to be first city in bay area to require city worker vaccinations

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