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Wednesday - Jul. 7, 2021

My News 13: Gaetz friend Joel Greenberg still helping prosecutors, asks for sentencing delay

Sentinel: Joel Greenberg asks judge to delay sentencing for 90 days

Sun-Sentinel: Elsa maintains hurricane strength, lashes Florida's west coast on track for a Wednesday landfall

WLRN: Florida Condo Deaths Climb To 36 As Officials Try To Pinpoint The Number Of Missing

NBC Miami: 8 More Victims Found in Surfside Condo Rubble, Bringing Death Toll to 36

Post: Surfside condo collapse: 8 more bodies recovered as workers feel Elsa's bands

Herald: After demolition of Surfside condo, more victims are being found in original rubble

Post: Surfside condo collapse expected to lead to changes at old high rises

WLRN: Florida Cruise Ship Fight Goes To Appeals Court

Sun-Sentinel: Florida won first in fight with CDC over cruise restrictions. Federal appeals court will weigh in next

Sentinel: Will moratorium's end mean Florida eviction tsunami? Governments preach calm, but advocates fear worst

My News 13: President, congresswoman take aim at regulating untraceable 'ghost guns'

FlaPol: Building collapse shows town's rich, middle-class division

FlaPol: Duke Energy preps for Elsa, activates storm center

Sun-Sentinel: Post-insurrection exodus from Republican Party was real, but it didn't last

FlaPol: Field office to probe threats to lawmakers

CBS Miami: Fakahatchee Strand, Known As The 'Amazon Of North America' Could Be Florida's Best-Kept Secret

The Capitolist: Florida gas prices hit $3, highest since 2014

Times: Miami, UCF getting team-wide name, image and likeness deals

Sun: State Ethics Commission will investigate Archer allegations in mobile home case

Business Insider: The Powerful People Making Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis a Rising GOP Star

Democrat: Florida governor expands emergency declaration as strengthening Elsa lashes Florida peninsula

FlaPol: Gov. DeSantis urges Big Bend to ready for Elsa

FlaPol: Ron DeSantis political committee rakes in nearly $5.6 million in June

Herald: Democrat Nikki Fried announces modest first-month fundraising in 2022 run for governor

Times: Nikki Fried's first month fundraising trails Crist, DeSantis

FlaPol: Nikki Fried campaign pulls in $812,000 in first month

FlaPol: Charlie Crist political committee raised $130,500 in June

FlaPol: Audrey Gibson backs Charlie Crist for Governor

The Capitolist: Ahead of hurricane, Fried attacks DeSantis over new property insurance law

AP: Work review for ex-official connected to collapsed building

AP: Searchers at collapse site 'not seeing anything positive'

Sun-Sentinel: Evidence in Miami 'ghost' candidate case to be released

NBC Miami: Shunning Spotlight, State Senator Works Behind the Scenes in Surfside

FlaPol: René Garca calls for more oversight on FTX Arena money spending

WUSF: Officials At Piney Point Confident The Phosphate Plant Can Withstand Elsa

Bradenton Herald: State says Hurricane Elsa's rains likely won't cause another spill at Piney Point

Herald: In near-twin to collapsed Surfside condo, some residents stay put, confident it's sturdy

The Capitolist: Orlando Lamas adds $16k in June, amasses $100k total in bid for HD 111

Democrat: FAMU announces storm-related closings at College of Law, some satellite locations

Ledger: Lakeland officials approve deal with Summit Broadband to bring high-speed internet to city

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