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Saturday - May. 1, 2021
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Sentinel: Mass COVID vaccine sites are closing. Demand is dropping. What does that mean for herd immunity?

Herald: Legislators strip local governments of ability to regulate home-based businesses

Herald: Legislators reject bill requiring companies to tell customers how they use their data

Sentinel: Lawmakers pass $101.5B budget, adjourn session where DeSantis got a lot of what he sought

Herald: Changes to insurance laws impact homeowners' rates, attorney fees, claim filing, more

Sentinel: Florida leaders try to tame soaring property-insurance premiums with reform bill

SayfieReview: NSF: Lawmakers pass property insurance revamp

Herald: Florida's 'no-fault' auto insurance era will end if DeSantis signs bill into law

Herald: Hospital fought family of brain-damaged baby for years. The girl died. The fight raged on

Herald: After worries of major revenue drop ease, Legislature passes record $101.5B budget

Sentinel: Year delay in Florida college athletes controlling their own marketing is suddenly reversed

Sentinel: Florida elections supervisors say new law would make voting harder

Sentinel: #OSNow PODCAST: Transgender athlete ban, college athlete law reversal, and Orange sheriff social media backlash (Ep. 641)

Herald: Legislature fixes college athletes' compensation fumble in final minutes of session

Herald: Election supervisors say new Florida law makes it harder to use mail ballots, drop boxes

Herald: DeSantis says he'll sign bill banning transgender athletes from women's, girls' sports

Sentinel: Central Florida 100: Let trans kids play

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