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Monday - Apr. 12, 2021
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Sentinel: Walt Disney would have liked what's changing at his theme parks | Commentary

Sentinel: Florida gopher tortoise probe alleges unreported deaths, risky conditions for threatened species

Sentinel: Don't like inclusion? Maybe Disney's not for you | Letters

Herald: It's crunch time for Florida Legislature. Here's what should pass — and what needs to die | Editorial

Herald: 'Start of an awakening process.' Former Gen. Mike Flynn headlines Bradenton rally

Sentinel: Auto insurance bills will create even bigger problems for motorists | Commentary

Sentinel: After all the debate, Florida still left with a really dumb elections bill | Editorial

Sentinel: Bill to bar arrests of children under 7 in Florida caught in police reform standoff

Herald: Legislature caps K-12 education budget with cash bonuses for teachers, principals

Sentinel: DeSantis signs sweeping gambling deal that may bring sports betting to Florida

Sentinel: Matt Gaetz investigators probing medical marijuana connections for possible corruption: report

SayfieReview: NSF: Gambling deal could bring in $2.5 Billion

Herald: Florida House passes ban on abortions related to disabilities detected in a fetus

Sentinel: Florida House OKs bill to ban abortions based on disability

Herald: 'A message has to be sent': FL lawmakers race to pass police reforms in final days

Sentinel: Dorworth, Greenberg maneuvered behind the scenes on behalf of controversial housing development

Sentinel: Donald Trump, preferring New Jersey, reportedly plans to escape Florida's summer heat

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