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Saturday - Feb. 20, 2021
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Sentinel: CPAC, America's biggest conservative event, is coming to Orlando. Organizers say it will be safe.

Sentinel: Serving 'we the people' means all of the people | Commentary

Sentinel: DeSantis proposes election restrictions despite smooth 2020 vote in Florida

Sentinel: Interview: Ocoee Commission candidates Lori Hart, Joel Keller, George Oliver, Keith Richardson

Sentinel: Interview: Winter Garden Commission candidates Dawn Antonis, Colin Sharman

Sentinel: 2 more Florida men charged in US Capitol insurrection

Sentinel: Democrats call Gov. DeSantis' order to lower flags in honor of Rush Limbaugh 'an embarrassment to Florida'

Sentinel: Florida lawmakers may limit potency of medical marijuana this year

Herald: DeSantis says Florida will honor radio personality Rush Limbaugh by lowering flags

Herald: Will Nestle's plans to bottle more water put a popular Florida spring at risk?

SayfieReview: NBR: COVID-19 Vaccinations by Age

Sentinel: Three years after Parkland shootings, political stalemate over gun bills endures in Tallahassee

Sentinel: Endorsement: Colin Sharman should have another term for his work in Winter Garden

Sentinel: Endorsement: After making history in Ocoee, George Oliver III has earned another term

Sentinel: 'Trust has been eroded': Rift between Winter Park, Chamber lingers after debate confrontation

Sentinel: DeSantis defends his choice of wealthy senior community for pop-up vaccine site

SayfieReview: NBR: DeSantis names Brown to run DBPR

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