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Sentinel: Q&A: Chief Judge-elect Lisa Munyon talks future of Orange-Osceola courts, COVID-19 pandemic

Sentinel: Senate acquits Trump on House charge he incited insurrection at the Capitol. 7 Republicans voted to convict.

Sentinel: GOP's McConnell: Trump morally responsible for Jan. 6 attack

Sentinel: Trump lawyer jokes after acquittal: 'We're going to Disney World!'

Sentinel: As COVID variants spread, Florida slow to release details

Sentinel: Republican Rep. Herrera Beutler highlights phone call as riot raged: Trump said to have blamed antifa, enraging McCarthy

Sentinel: Trump's defense team argues impeachment is based on 'hatred,' hurtling Senate toward final vote in historic trial

Herald: Parkland activists see new opportunities for political action three years after shooting

Herald: Florida Democrats try again to cut outdated same-sex marriage ban from state statutes

Sentinel: Interview: Ocoee Commission candidates Rosemary Wilsen and Knox Anderson

Herald: Mayor tells president in White House summit that Miami is ready for more vaccines

Sentinel: Three years after Parkland shootings, political stalemate over gun bills endures in Tallahassee

Sentinel: Conservative leaders must address Florida climate crisis | Commentary

Sentinel: A plea to Rick Scott and Marco Rubio: Do your duty and convict Trump | Editorial

Herald: Gov. DeSantis attacks Biden for giving a damn about the health of Floridians | Opinion 

Sentinel: Winter Park commissioners want Chamber apology to mend debate-question 'damage'

Herald: State says investigation into nonprofit executive pay is 'not a witch hunt'

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