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Friday - Feb. 5, 2021
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Sentinel: Former Winter Park commissioners Phil Anderson, Sarah Sprinkel vie for mayor's seat

Sentinel: Water management boards have enough people now, just not the right ones | Editorial

Sentinel: Interview: Winter Park mayor candidates Sarah Sprinkel and Phil Anderson

Herald: State Democratic Party's layoffs, financial woes compounded by irked former employees

Herald: Senate bill would end Florida Retirement System's pension option for new employees

Sentinel: Proposal to shift future state workers from pension plan to 401Ks moves forward in Tallahassee

Herald: Sex worker tells GQ he and politician Andrew Gillum did drugs in a Miami Beach hotel

Herald: Holocaust survivors get priority in vaccine program for homebound seniors, DeSantis says

Sentinel: DeSantis announces new programs to expand COVID-19 vaccinations

Sentinel: Trump's presidential helipad at Mar-a-Lago to be demolished

Herald: Legislature replacing utility watchdog as Florida Power & Light seeks rate increase

Herald: GOP legislators again try to end requirement to print legal notices in newspapers

Sentinel: House prepares to punish Congresswoman Marjorie Taylor Greene

Sentinel: State calls for audit after 1,000 vaccine doses spoil in Palm Beach County

Herald: Parents could let children repeat a grade after COVID disruption under Senate proposal

Herald: Miami-Dade Republican primary voters support Florida Medicaid expansion, poll finds

Sentinel: Senate panel approves expanding Florida school voucher programs

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