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Saturday - Jan. 30, 2021
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Sentinel: Florida lawmaker wants to end in-state college tuition for undocumented immigrants

Sentinel: Florida makes English-proficiency test optional because of COVID-19 concerns

Herald: Stunning November loss may not be Donna Shalala's last run for Congress in Miami

Sentinel: Pistol-packing Colorado congresswoman mocks former Stoneman Douglas student as not 'tough'

Sentinel: Clermont's Presidents Hall of Fame, Miniature White House were 'life's work' for John Zweifel, 84

Sentinel: Deported from Central Florida family, Alejandra Juarez hopes for reunion as Trump era ends

Sentinel: 'He is our hometown president.' Florida Republicans applaud Trump's Mar-a-Lago strategy session to win back US House

Sentinel: Florida lawmaker seeks to limit $15 minimum wage approved by voters with 'training pay'

Sentinel: Ted Deutch joins push to expel QAnon-promoter Marjorie Taylor Greene from Congress

Sentinel: DeSantis taps into federal spending for $96.6 billion state budget proposal

Herald: DeSantis proposes $1 billion fund to help local governments adapt to climate change

Sentinel: $17.4M Universal Orlando tax break would be closed under new Eskamani bill

Herald: DeSantis' budget proposal goes up by billions despite impact of the pandemic

Sentinel: Video surfaces showing QAnon-promoting congresswoman harassing Stoneman Douglas student after massacre

Sentinel: Miami lawmaker Pizzo could end up boosting DeSantis' anti-riot bill hated by his fellow Democrats

Herald: Protest bill backed by governor, Republican lawmakers draws its own vigorous protests

Sentinel: Biden COVID team releases 'previously hidden' Florida report

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