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Friday - Jan. 8, 2021
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Sentinel: Domestic terrorists at Capitol must be held accountable | Commentary

Herald: Is there a COVID vaccination plan for Florida's prisons? Guards, inmates are waiting

Sentinel: Trump finally acknowledges his electoral defeat — amid growing talk of ouster from office

Sentinel: Education Secretary Betsy DeVos becomes 2nd Cabinet secretary to resign after Capitol incident

Sentinel: Education head DeVos quits, cites Trump rhetoric

Sentinel: GOP Sen. Kelly Loeffler concedes defeat to Democrat Raphael Warnock in Georgia runoff

Herald: South Florida Democrats join chorus calling for Trump's removal under 25th Amendment

Sentinel: 'The biggest mistake I've ever made': Former Missouri Sen. Danforth rues mentoring Josh Hawley, blames him for Capitol riot

Sentinel: Even after he leaves White House, Trump could bring trouble for Rubio, Scott and DeSantis

Sentinel: Demings, Murphy and Soto back Trump's removal from office

Sentinel: Several state lawmakers from across the country joined, observed US Capitol mob

Sentinel: Amid Capitol chaos, Florida lawmakers file bill to crack down on protests

Sentinel: Joe Biden picks Boston Mayor Marty Walsh, a former union president, as labor secretary

Sentinel: What is the 25th amendment and how does it work?

Herald: Rick Scott calls for investigation into how Florida is distributing COVID vaccine

Sentinel: Readers react to attack on Capitol | Letters

Politico: Florida's DeSantis moves long-stalled protest crackdown on heels of Capitol riots

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