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Sunday - Jan. 3, 2021
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Sentinel: At least 11 Republican senators will reject Electoral College tally on Jan. 6

Sentinel: Texas congressman suggests street violence after judge rejects his legal effort to overturn election

Sentinel: For Central Floridian of the Year finalists, we found helpers who led us through a pandemic | Commentary

Sentinel: Judge tosses lawsuit from House Republican seeking to give Mike Pence the power to overturn election loss

Sentinel: DeSantis became a 'mini-Trump' as COVID-19 struck Florida in 2020, critics say

Sentinel: In scathing Facebook post, GOP senator calls colleagues 'arsonists' over plot to challenge election, accuses Trump of bilking supporters

Sentinel: GOP torn over Trump's Electoral College challenge of Biden

Sentinel: The top stories of 2020 as selected by Orlando Sentinel readers | Opinion

Herald: Florida Supreme Court delivers the 'Holy Grail of lawsuit reform' in Thursday ruling

Sentinel: Fried asks DeSantis to use National Guard to fix 'chaotic' COVID-19 vaccinations

Sentinel: Some Florida teachers upset they aren't getting COVID vaccination priority

Herald: Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis' chief spokesman Fred Piccolo resigns

Sentinel: DeSantis spokesman Piccolo resigns in move he says came before COVID-19 tweet

Sentinel: What actually happens when Congress counts Electoral College votes on Jan. 6?

Sentinel: Puerto Rico's politics are complicated, and not dominated by one party | Commentary

Sentinel: Trump calls on Republican governor of Georgia to resign: 'Fools!'

Sentinel: Florida's Republicans in Congress: A national embarrassment, a danger to democracy | Editorial

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