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Tuesday - Dec. 29, 2020
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Sentinel: 'Grim Reaper' of Florida donates his COVID-19 costume to Miami museum

Sentinel: At Trump golf club in West Palm Beach, Roger Stone thanks president for pardon

Herald: There are new laws and a slightly higher minimum wage in Florida to start 2021

Sentinel: Feds say dismissed Corrine Brown juror relied on Holy Spirit, not trial evidence

SayfieReview: NSF: Prosecutors push back in ex-Congresswoman's appeal

Sentinel: New Florida laws kick in this week aimed at politicians' ethics, school buses and election counts

Sentinel: Reports: Trump would like an airport, perhaps in Florida, named after him

Sentinel: Former Trump communications aide Omarosa Newman says Trump's refusal to concede stems from 'psychotic episode'

Herald: Reports: Trump would like an airport named in his honor. Near his Florida home, perhaps?

Sentinel: Legalize marijuana campaigns in Florida move ahead. But will politicians back recreational pot?

Sentinel: As Trump leaves office, South Florida is poised to become his new 'MAGA' capital

Sentinel: Former South Florida lawmaker Al Jacquet says he was detained, questioned by police in Haiti

Sentinel: DeSantis spokesman Piccolo deletes his Twitter account after tweet about COVID-19 victims

Herald: Trump has pardoned or commuted 6 Floridians in final weeks of presidency. Who are they?

Sentinel: Rep. Sabatini, Twitter provocateur, says House Speaker Sprowls shorted him on committees

Herald: What about our vaccines? Florida assisted living facilities ask governor about timing

Sentinel: Florida may allow counties to investigate, fine landlords who lash out at tenants

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