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Wednesday - Dec. 23, 2020
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Herald: COVID deaths at Florida nursing homes doubled during Thanksgiving holiday, AARP says

Sentinel: Get rid of the Rodman Reservoir once and for all, and free the Ocklawaha River | Editorial

Herald: Search for a new vendor to run Florida's SunPass tolling system starts over

Sentinel: Florida couple's credit rating plunges after COVID-19 mortgage deferment. But their story ends well.

Herald: Florida will vaccinate seniors before essential workers. Here are the pros and cons

Sentinel: California Secretary of State Alex Padilla appointed to replace Vice President-elect Kamala Harris in US Senate

Sentinel: Reps. Murphy, Soto join Sen. Rubio in getting COVID-19 vaccine; Rep. Demings will wait

Sentinel: Joe Biden Cabinet picks: Running list of the president-elect's Cabinet and top advisor nominees

Sentinel: Florida Sen. Rick Scott votes no on COVID-19 relief bill that passed 92-6

Sentinel: Florida politicians get first doses of COVID-19 vaccine

Sentinel: Congress' COVID-19 relief package falls short, advocates say, but staves off disaster for millions of renters

Herald: Florida keeps trying — and keeps failing — to get state agencies' tech issues fixed

Herald: Michael Grieco's fundraising falsehoods violated ethics rules, panel finds

Sentinel: DeSantis will wait for COVID-19 vaccination; Rubio needled for getting his shot

Herald: Florida's economists got a surprise when they revised state revenue estimates

Sentinel: Federal stimulus package leaves Florida's budget out in the cold

Sentinel: David King, the Orlando 'legal legend' behind Fair Districts in Florida, dies at 79

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