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Friday - Dec. 18, 2020
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Sentinel: DeSantis mostly ignored White House task force COVID-19 reports, belittled task force's advice

Sentinel: Legislature should legalize marijuana or voters will do it for them | Editorial

Sentinel: New documentary examines Gov. DeSantis' response to COVID-19 in Florida

Herald: Florida Gov. DeSantis said there's a problem with vaccine shipments. Pfizer disagrees.

Sentinel: Joe Biden Cabinet picks: Running list of the president-elect's Cabinet and top advisor nominees

Sentinel: EPA hands over wetlands permitting to Florida; Critic calls it Trump's 'parting gift' to developers

Sentinel: Joe Biden to pick North Carolina regulator Michael Regan to lead Environmental Protection Agency

Sentinel: GOP places focus anywhere but Atlanta in Georgia runoffs: 'They need to juice the turnout in those counties as much as they can'

Herald: Miami-Dade mayors have a new COVID challenge: getting Gov. DeSantis on the phone

Sentinel: Florida lawmakers may weigh cutting unemployment taxes for businesses, putting workers at risk

Sentinel: This was the year for Central Florida to make headway on affordable housing. Then the virus hit. | Part 3 of Special Series

Sentinel: Florida Democrats face a fight for party chair after elections debacle; GOP tensions squashed for now

TB Times: After first one left, will DeSantis hire another Florida climate change leader?

Sentinel: Mysterious NPA candidate in South Florida Senate race under investigation

Herald: Florida union boss accused of 'stealing' funds to renovate office headquarters

Herald: 'Not waiting.' South Florida nursing home among first in U.S. to get COVID vaccine.

Sentinel: First COVID-19 vaccines given to Florida nursing home residents

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