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Thursday - Dec. 17, 2020
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TB Times: Will DeSantis hire another Florida climate change czar?

Sentinel: Mysterious NPA candidate in South Florida Senate race under investigation

Herald: Florida union boss accused of 'stealing' funds to renovate office headquarters

Herald: 'Not waiting.' South Florida nursing home among first in U.S. to get COVID vaccine.

Sentinel: First COVID-19 vaccines given to Florida nursing home residents

Sentinel: Biden introduces ex-rival Buttigieg as transportation secretary, with coronavirus travel and crumbling infrastructure as immediate issues

SayfieReview: NSF: Apalachicola oyster harvesting halted

Politico: Lauren Book considering statewide bid in 2022

Herald: Rubio's middle road on Trump's election challenges could draw a GOP primary challenge

Herald: Carlos Gimenez's well-connected daughter-in-law to run for Coral Gables commission

Sentinel: Report: Palm Beach neighbors don't want Trump to live at Mar-a-Lago

Sentinel: A mysterious gap in COVID-19 deaths appeared in Florida before the presidential election

Sentinel: Florida's 'Grim Reaper' lashes out at DeSantis' attempt to sanction him over COVID-19 lawsuit

Sentinel: DeSantis appears to accept Biden win but still won't call him President-elect

Sentinel: Moody disgraces Florida and herself in failed bid to overturn presidential election | Commentary

Sentinel: Help us rank the top national, Florida and local stories of 2020

Sentinel: DeSantis discusses coronavirus vaccine timetable for Florida, reiterates importance of keeping restaurants open

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