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Friday - Nov. 20, 2020
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Sentinel: Medicaid enrollment could rise to 4.6 million in Florida

Sentinel: The new Florida speaker's stage-setting speech ignores Florida's service class, as usual | Editorial

Herald: Florida's top Republicans with eyes on 2024 have to tiptoe around Trump

Sentinel: Michigan Republican leaders going to White House Friday; Trump calls GOP canvassers

Sentinel: Joe Biden wins Georgia, AP calls, ending long losing streak for Democrats

Sentinel: Georgia election official says hand tally of presidential race is complete and results affirm Biden's lead over Trump

Sentinel: Coalition in Winter Park says fight for single-member districts still on

Sentinel: Gov. Ron DeSantis releases video touting vaccines for COVID-19, but he won't meet the press

Sentinel: They're not sending their best: Trump's election lawsuits have been rife with elementary errors

Herald: No-party candidate in Florida Senate race hires lawyer, says he doesn't live in district

Sentinel: Florida mayors call for Gov. DeSantis to do more to fight COVID-19, including a statewide mask mandate

Sentinel: Trump's election legal challenges: Here's where they stand

Sentinel: Approval of partial Wisconsin election recount marked by partisan bickering among commissioners

Sentinel: Georgia election officials to release report on presidential race hand tally

Sentinel: Winter Park Commissioner Todd Weaver apologizes for missing key vote

Sentinel: Dems nominate Nancy Pelosi as speaker again to lead into Biden era

Sentinel: Parler social network draws Orlando conservatives as Facebook, Twitter crack down on false info

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