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Thursday - Nov. 19, 2020
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Sentinel: Longwood commissioner Matt Morgan: Respect is missing in today's society | Commentary

Sentinel: Who really won Puerto Rico statehood vote? No one | Commentary

Sentinel: Judgeships should be awarded based on merit, not Ron DeSantis's political whims | Editorial

Sentinel: Georgia election officials to release report on presidential race hand tally

Sentinel: Winter Park Commissioner Todd Weaver apologizes for missing key vote

Sentinel: Dems nominate Nancy Pelosi as speaker again to lead into Biden era

Sentinel: Parler social network draws Orlando conservatives as Facebook, Twitter crack down on false info

Herald: Florida schools to allow remote learning through second semester, state chief says

Sentinel: Trump pays $3 million for a partial Wisconsin ballot recount in liberal Milwaukee and Dane counties

Sentinel: The counties that predict presidential election winners didn't this year. Just look at Terre Haute, Indiana.

Herald: Did mail delays lead to more late-arriving ballots? The opposite, Florida counties say

Sentinel: Florida lawmakers may limit COVID-19 business lawsuits

Sentinel: Michigan GOP backtracks after blocking vote certification

Herald: Power shift in Miami-Dade politics: New mayor, new commissioners, new agenda

Herald: Mysterious candidate who likely swayed tight Florida Senate race under investigation

Sentinel: Second Georgia county finds previously uncounted votes, but not enough to flip outcome of the presidential race

Sentinel: In court, Giuliani argues to block Biden win in Pennsylvania

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