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Friday - Nov. 13, 2020
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Herald: His idol dethroned, Gov. Ron DeSantis is fashioning a fascist, gun-happier Florida | Opinion

Sentinel: Advocates for new election districts in Winter Park wonder if progress will take 'another 100 years'

Sentinel: Top officials say Nov. 3 election was 'the most secure in American history'

Sentinel: Republicans in Washington stand firmly behind Trump and his unsupported claims of voter fraud — but a few cracks emerge

Sentinel: GOP senators push for Biden to receive intelligence briefings as Trump's team withholds information

Sentinel: Republican Ileana Garcia flips Florida state Senate seat after Democrat concedes in 34-vote loss

Sentinel: Few legal wins so far as Trump's lawyers hunt for proof of fraud: 'Inadmissible hearsay within hearsay'

Sentinel: Kayleigh McEnany now wearing 2 hats as White House press secretary and Trump 2020 campaign adviser

Herald: After 3-day recount, incumbent Democrat loses Senate seat to Ileana Garcia by 34 votes

Herald: Trump saw gains among Florida Puerto Ricans. They say Democrats 'don't hear us'

TB Times: Democrats to DeSantis: Rescind job offer to coronavirus conspiracy theorist

Herald: Florida Democrats tell DeSantis to rescind job offer to COVID conspiracy theorist

Sentinel: #OSNow PODCAST: Controversial Winter Park hotel, voters can't weigh in on single-member districts, and environmentalists press Mayor Demings (Ep. 535)

TB Times: Military wary that Trump shakeup could upend its apolitical nature

Sentinel: Florida's top GOP leaders mobilize behind Trump's long-shot bid to overturn the election. What's driving them, and what does it mean for Florida?

Sentinel: Trump's silent public outing belies a White House in tumult

TB Times: Biden seen reining in mergers and cracking down on Big Tech

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