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Friday - Nov. 13, 2020
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Sentinel: No finders keepers under spacecraft parts bill that's landed on DeSantis' desk

Sentinel: Maitland to remain in legal battle with other cities against Florida over gun regulations

Sentinel: Florida lawmakers reach deal on state budget, with $6.6 billion in COVID relief spending

Herald: Legislators send DeSantis a bill to limit citizen initiatives. Is it constitutional?

Herald: Legislature cuts two financial aid programs, avoids major reductions for universities

Sentinel: Florida Senate votes for $200 million expansion of school vouchers, sending bill to governor

Sentinel: Florida will gain 1 seat in Congress, not 2, after Trump's census moves, COVID-19 pandemic

Herald: Legislature is overhauling Florida's workforce job-placement system

Herald: Legislature close to a major remodeling of auto insurance with end to 'no-fault'

Herald: Florida Senate passes new restrictions on voting by mail despite successful 2020 process

Sentinel: Florida poised to join other Republican-led states in tightening voting laws

Sentinel: Florida's massive new casino deal: The good. The bad. The unconstitutional | Commentary

SayfieReview: NSF: Social media crackdown clears Senate

Herald: Pier operator fighting Key West cruise referendum gives DeSantis' committee $1 million

Herald: 'Finders keepers' doesn't apply to space junk that may land in your Florida yard

Herald: Miami-Dade's wealthiest areas are almost fully vaccinated. Black communities are at 31%

Herald: Mom devoted her life to her disabled son. A hospital said she was using him to make money

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