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Sunday - Nov. 8, 2020
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Sentinel: Florida Democrats are in a fighting mood — among themselves | Steve Bousquet

Sentinel: Biden supporters party in downtown Orlando following Biden, Harris historic election victory

Sentinel: Joe Biden will be the 46th president of the United States, says it's 'time to heal' in speech to nation; Trump disputes election results

Sentinel: Election 2020: Joe Biden beats defiant Donald Trump; Kamala Harris first woman elected vice president

Sentinel: Black leaders celebrate Joe Biden win, pledge to push for equality

Sentinel: How Joe Biden navigated pandemic politics to win the White House

Sentinel: Donald Trump's rise defied gravity. What comes after his apparent fall?

Sentinel: What's a runoff, and why are there two? Here's why Georgia matters when it comes to control of the Senate

Sentinel: Analysis: Presumptive President-elect Joe Biden claims a mandate that will quickly be tested

Sentinel: Florida Democrats praise Biden on his rise to the presidency; GOP says, not so fast

Sentinel: Hallelujah! A national nightmare is almost over | Editorial

Sentinel: $15 minimum wage supporters in Florida are 'ready to fight' legislation that undercuts Amendment 2

Sentinel: Why AP called the 2020 election for Joe Biden

Herald: Adiós, Donald Trump. I won't forgive or forget what you did to my Miami | Opinion

Sentinel: Kamala Harris becomes first Black woman, South Asian elected U.S. vice president

Sentinel: Why AP called Pennsylvania for Biden

Sentinel: Election 2020 updates: Here's what happened on Nov. 6

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