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Thursday - Nov. 5, 2020

Herald Tribune: Trump's latest victory in Florida tarnishes 'swing-state' image

AP: Yes, it is true -- Florida ran a smooth election

Times: How Donald Trump won Florida

NYTimes: Florida Shifts Further Right

News4Jax: County-by-county: How President Trump once again won Florida

Herald: It wasn't just Miami-Dade: Trump made gains throughout Florida on path to state victory

Politico: How Miami Cubans disrupted Biden's path to a Florida win

Bradenton Herald: 'It was a bloodbath.' How Miami's rightward shift changed the face of Florida politics

CBS Miami: Why President Trump Performed So Well In Miami-Dade

WLRN: Trump Schooled Democrats On Miami-Dade Latinos -- But Some Did Vote For Biden

Sun-Sentinel: How Trump won big with Latinos in Florida -- and then some

Bay News 9: Polls Prove to Be 2020 Election’s Big Losers

News4Jax: Florida voters express distrust of pre-election polls

FlaPol: Ron DeSantis sees ‘troubling’ vote dumps in Wisconsin, Pennsylvania

Democrat: Tallahassee, Leon County results at a glance

Politico: 'Old white men are dying,' so Trump looked elsewhere for votes in Florida

Times-Union: Lawyers complain Duval elections staff remade problem ballots without oversight

AP: Florida voters sour on state of nation

Sun-Sentinel: Judge blasts Postal Service for missing deadline in hunt for leftover ballots. He warns of 'a price to pay for that.'

Herald: Hundreds of mail-in ballots flagged due to signature issues in Miami-Dade

Post: New cases, positivity fuel coronavirus surge in Florida

NBC Miami: Florida Adds Over 4,400 New Covid Cases, Positivity Rates Rise to Highest Levels Since August

Sun-Sentinel: Florida reports 4,423 new COVID-19 cases

Sentinel: Ocoee issues formal apology for 1920 massacre: "Never Again"

News-Press: New University of Florida tomato could shift state's farming trends

Sun-Sentinel: Trump joked he'd 'fire' DeSantis if he lost Florida. The governor delivered

Democrat: The 5 things this year's results tell us about Florida

NBC Miami: Florida Gov. DeSantis Praises State's Elections Departments

Sentinel: DeSantis touts Florida's relatively smooth Election Day, slams pollsters and TV news networks

FlaPol: Bush v. Gore no more? Ron DeSantis says Florida might have vanquished the ghost

News4Jax: DeSantis on ballot count: Why can't more states be more like Florida?

CBS Miami: Florida Republican Leaders Won’t Speak Directly To President Trump’s Call To Stop Vote Counts

Herald: After blistering legislative losses, Democratic Party accused of 'systemic failure'

News4Jax: With another Florida loss, Democrats begin second guessing

Sentinel: Florida Democrats call for new party leadership and strategy after yet another GOP rout

WLRN: Florida Democrats Face Taking Long, Hard Look After Losses

FlaPol: Fight for $15 will be John Morgan’s last amendment war

WLRN: John Morgan to Legislature: Thwart Minimum Wage, 'I'll Sue The State. And I'll Win.'

FlaPol: Attorney John Morgan: ‘Nikki Fried has disqualified herself from any future or statewide office’

FlaPol: The man with the plan: Chris Sprowls led GOP surge with out-of-the box thinking

Times: Florida voters passed a minimum wage increase. What does that mean?

CBS Miami: 4 Out Of 6 Florida Constitutional Amendments Approved By Voters

WLRN: Mail-In Ballots Could Determine Winner Of Florida Senate Seat

Times: Florida's school elections are over. So what's next?

Times: Floridians are voting for special school taxes. Are lawmakers paying attention?

FlaPol: Faced with an onslaught of outside cash, Vance Aloupis outshines 2018 success

WLRN: Florida Senate Releases Protocols For Organizational Session

News4Jax: Florida inmate COVID-19 death toll at 180

TCPalm: No maternity leave for Florida House District 54 Rep. Erin Grall

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