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Tuesday - Nov. 3, 2020

NBC Miami: Spotlight on Florida as Biden, Trump Seek 2020 Sunshine State Victory

WLRN: A Look Into Why Florida Is A Swing-State In Presidential Races

News4Jax: Spotlight to shine on Florida, but will it be brighter than 2000 election?


RALI Florida: Battling COVID-19 & Opioid Misuse in Our Communities

Herald: Don't be surprised or alarmed if presidential election is not decided Tuesday night

FlaPol: Electoral College remains controversial, but it sure made Florida a coveted prize this year

LA Times: To keep or toss a ballot? Florida is already deciding

Sun: Already, more than 15,000 mail ballots in Florida have been declared ineligible

WLRN: Justice Department To Monitor Six Florida Counties

FlaPol: Soldiers fight for democracy overseas. Will their votes count in the election?

NWF Daily News: Florida counties mailed over 100K military ballots

Times-Union: Why Jacksonville is critical to winning the presidency

Sun-Sentinel: Biden's list of 800 exclusive top money raisers includes 35 Floridians

FlaPol: ‘Be ready for a recount’: Rick Scott talks lessons of 2018 Senate race

FlaPol: ‘Vote’s not there for them’: Donald Trump says Democrats ‘very worried’ about Florida

Herald: 'Some of you have not voted yet.' Obama makes final Miami push for Biden.

Post: On election eve, Obama stumps for Biden in again; poke at Trump

CBS Miami: 'We Love What They Did': Florida Sen. Marco Rubio Supports Pro-Trump Caravan That Swarmed Biden Bus

FlaPol: ‘We do that in Florida every day’: Marco Rubio backs Texas ‘Trump Train’ despite investigation

News4Jax: Trumps tells Florida supporters he’ll wait ‘a little bit after election' to fire Fauci

Herald: Will Trump fire Fauci? President gives a hint at Miami rally while hearing the chants

Times: Jill Biden will make Election Day trip to St. Petersburg and Tampa

Herald: Will votes from the dead count in Miami-Dade? It depends on when they died

The Hill: Florida Democratic strategist says Biden may not have done enough to shake Trump's socialism claims

AP: Handful of competitive US House races key in Florida

NBC Miami: The Race For District 27: Familiar Foes Salazar and Shalala Compete for Congress

AP: High court rejects appeal from Florida death row inmate

Herald: Florida's Election Day voters carried Trump to victory in 2016. Will they do it again?

Politico: 'A really tough state': Florida enters Election Day too close to call

News4Jax: After record mail & early voting, Florida braces for Election Day

Sentinel: Even with massive Florida voter turnout so far, the presidential race hinges on who shows up at the polls Tuesday

Sentinel: Florida shatters early-voting records as Trump-Biden battle heads to its crescendo

CBS Miami: Florida’s Turnout “Crazy” High Heading Into Tuesday’s Election

Herald-Tribune: Florida vote count already close to matching 2016 total

News4Jax: Democrats hold vote lead in Florida going into Election Day

Herald: Early votes have been counted. Who has the Florida advantage going into Election Day?

Times: Florida braces for legal showdowns if presidential race is close

FlaPol: Ron DeSantis: Joe Biden would defer to Kamala Harris and Marxism

FlaPol: Gov. DeSantis calls Joe Biden a ‘blowhard senator,’ warns AOC, Bernie Sanders will run the show

WLRN: Florida's Foster Care System Woes Spark Furious Debate On Fixes

Democrat: Gillum PAC gives over $100K to state races

Sun-Sentinel: Meet the Republican voter whose ballots were rejected by Florida more than anyone elses

Sentinel: DeSantis declares Ocoee Massacre Remembrance Day

WLRN: City Of Ocoee Remembers Victims Of 1920 Election Day Massacre

CBS Miami: Florida Marks Dark Day In Political History When A Black Man Was Lynched After Friend Tried To Vote

Sun-Sentinel: Florida tops 17,000 COVID-19 deaths and adds 4,651 new cases

Times: Coronavirus has unanticipated effects on Florida school budgets

Sun: Florida's colleges see enrollment drop during pandemic

News4Jax: Florida unemployment payments top $18 billion

Sun-Sentinel: Violence 'will not be tolerated'. How South Florida is preparing for potential Election Day clashes.

FlaPol: ‘Obama lies’ most Googled term in Florida government distrust survey

WLRN: Florida Principal Who Refused To Say Holocaust Was A Fact Is Fired A Second Time

Herald: Deeply offensive neo-Nazi posters were found at a Florida university, school says

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Sentinel: Election Day 2020 Live Updates: First Lady votes in Florida, record turnout possible, voting problems in Lake

Sentinel: DeSantis predicts a Trump victory in Florida on 'Fox & Friends'

Sentinel: Lake County computer problem mislabels voters as not registered

Sentinel: Even with massive Florida voter turnout so far, the presidential race hinges on who shows up at the polls Tuesday

Herald: How Floridians are voting: The latest numbers on November 3

Sentinel: 'Anarchist' Florida woman arrested for destroying Trump campaign signs

Herald: Live Election Day updates: Here's what's happening in Florida

Herald: It's Election Day, and here is a last-minute guide on what you need to know to vote

Sentinel: Many jailed in Central Florida have the right to vote, but few likely to

TB Times: Photos: Local voters head to the polls on Election Day 2020

Herald: Here's what happens if your mail carrier finds a completed ballot on Election Day

Herald: Don't be surprised or alarmed if presidential election is not decided Tuesday night

Herald: If Tuesday's margins are thin, lawyers are ready to fight for every Florida vote

Herald: USPS finds 62 ballots among 180,000 pieces of delayed mail at Miami-Dade post office

Herald: 'Some of you have not voted yet.' Obama makes final Miami push for Biden.

Sentinel: Final FiveThirtyEight polling averages: Track the race for president in the key battleground states

Sentinel: Orange Democrats warn of mysterious 'Stay home' robocalls on election's eve

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