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Saturday - Oct. 31, 2020
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Herald: 'The stakes are huge.' Democrats lean on Souls to the Polls in final push for turnout

Sentinel: SunRail's potential can be realized without DeLand on board | Editorial

TB Times: The rise of Amy Coney Barrett: 'Gut punch' for some, pleasing to others

Herald: State Attorney wants USPS ballot audit after backlog found at Miami-Dade mail facility

Herald: How is South Florida's mail voting going? Error rate in Miami-Dade is revealing.

Sentinel: Central Florida's changing political map over 8 years: Core more blue; some outlying areas trend red

Herald: A backlog of mail is piling up at a Miami-Dade post office as Election Day nears

Sentinel: Election heads into final weekend in Florida with record voting numbers

Herald: Feds brief lawmakers on foreign election interference efforts in Florida

Herald: Florida entrepreneurs and business owners support Biden, slam Trump in virtual forum

Herald: Trump tried to keep this salsero and other Hispanics from polls. Now they sing his praises

Sentinel: Felons should get regular ballots, not provisional ones, Florida elections attorney says

Sentinel: Biden holds a slight lead over Trump among Latino voters in Florida, according to new Telemundo survey

Herald: Election live updates: Here's what's happening in Florida with four days to go

Politico: 'We’ve got to stop the bleeding': Democrats sound alarm in Miami

Sentinel: Here are 8 tips on how to vote successfully in Florida on Election Day

Sentinel: Coronavirus infects Brevard election workers; early-voting location temporarily closes

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