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Saturday - Oct. 17, 2020
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Sentinel: Democrats cry foul after state tells elections supervisors to guard ballot drop off boxes

Sentinel: Legislature's shameless hypocrisy makes 2020 ballot amendments longer, more confusing | Editorial

Herald: Will COVID surge before the election in Florida? 'Everybody wants to know the answer'

Sentinel: Minimum-wage amendment good for business and Floridians | Commentary

Sentinel: Biden's evasiveness on the court isn't very presidential | Commentary

TB Times: Trump jokes he'll fire DeSantis if he loses Florida. 'I'll find a way.'

Herald: Judge lets Tootsie's strip club defy Miami-Dade COVID curfew, calling it illegal

Sentinel: Women win elections, Jill Biden tells supporters in Lake Mary

Sentinel: State's memo won't lead to a purge of Florida felons from voter rolls, election supervisors say

Herald: Florida officials investigate 'malicious activity' in state business regulation system

Sentinel: Ad claims defense attorney Kagan, in HD 29 race against Plakon, is 'on the criminals' side'

Sentinel: Burt Bacharach, singing and rallying Florida seniors for Biden, doesn't hold back on Trump. 'I can't stand this man.'

Herald: Disinformation, dark money, 'looting and rioting': 2020 election ads bombard Florida

Sentinel: State Senate candidate Jason Brodeur focus of environmental group's opposition campaign

Sentinel: Worried about the risk of casting an in-person ballot? Here's how to practice safe voting in the COVID era

Sentinel: National group targeting Central Florida GOP reps in bid to flip legislature

Herald: How safe is it to vote in person in South Florida? We asked infectious disease docs

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