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Friday - Oct. 16, 2020
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Herald: Will rejected mail-in ballots be Florida's hanging chads of Election 2020?

Herald: If your mail-in ballot is rejected in Florida, here's how to fix it

Sentinel: Endorsements: Voting early? Some Sentinel recommendations worth repeating, starting with Joe Biden

Sentinel: Original Broadway cast of 'Hamilton' reunites for Joe Biden fundraiser

Herald: In swing Florida House race, Anthony Rodriguez faces challenger hoping for blue wave

Sentinel: Florida GOP closes gap on Democrats in voter registration, but Dems take mail-in lead

Herald: GOP slashes Democrats' voter advantage in Florida going into the election

Sentinel: Biden's new Spanish ads target Puerto Rican voters in Florida, Pennsylvania

TB Times: Hillsborough Commission candidates sparked by different timelines

Sentinel: Everything you need to know about how to vote in Florida -- early, mail-in or on Election Day

Sentinel: Trump targets Ocala and other Florida exurbs, hoping to repeat his 2016 winning strategy

Sentinel: Florida Constitution amendments on Nov. 3 ballot: What they do, pro and con

Herald: How are Florida's high school seniors going to go to college if they can't take SAT?

Sentinel: Central Florida 2020 Voters Guide: Your guide to your ballot

Herald: You're given a provisional ballot at the polling place. What does that mean?

Sentinel: At $266.67 an hour, Florida Senate hires COVID-19 team to make its workplace safe

Sentinel: Florida House District 44: Thompson, Portigliatti trade barbs over court appointment, assisted living facility violations

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