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Saturday - Sep. 26, 2020
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Sentinel: New Florida poll shows Biden with 50% and Trump at 48%: Track the race for president in key battleground states

Sentinel: Obama accuses Trump of 'incompetence' at Orlando rally for Biden

TB Times: Obama says Tampa Bay Rays and Biden 'can fix two mistakes'

Sentinel: One week before Election Day, Florida poll shows Biden with 50% and Trump at 48%

SayfieReview: NSF: R.J. Reynolds ask Justices to resolve payment fight

Herald: Getting political mailers with names you don't know? They may be a dark-money tactic

Sentinel: Labor union, business lobby pour in big bucks to support or fight $15 minimum wage on ballot

Sentinel: Florida Constitution amendments on Nov. 3 ballot: What they do, pro and con

Politico: Florida’s top prosecutor once sued Trump. Now she’s fighting for his reelection.

Politico: Florida Democrats expand push to fix flawed mail-in ballots

Herald: How Floridians are voting: The latest numbers on October 27

Herald: Obama visits Orlando as Democrats push to improve early turnout among Puerto Ricans

Herald: As election looms, Miami elder-care facility says residents didn't get mail for a week

Herald: How the Gimenez administration halted plans for early voting at the Heat's AA Arena

Herald: Feds reverse course, offer election interference briefing to Florida lawmakers

TB Times: Amy Coney Barrett confirmed as Supreme Court justice

Sentinel: Independent candidate in Jason Brodeur-Patricia Sigman race backed by ads linked to GOP consultant

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