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Friday - Aug. 21, 2020
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Herald: Race to be Miami-Dade mayor already is a partisan, red-baiting brawl | Opinion

Sentinel: With money and political power at stake, Florida census takers race the clock against a tighter deadline

Sentinel: Florida inches toward nursing home visits as deaths climb at some local facilities

Sentinel: The cancer of faceless campaign contributions, and Florida's failure to treat it | Editorial

TB Times: Biden vows to defeat Trump, end 'season of darkness'

TB Times: DNC Latest: Biden accepts nomination; Democrats poke fun at GOP's Kamala problem

TB Times: PolitiFact: Ron DeSantis says COVID-19 is a lower risk for school-aged kids than flu

TB Times: Rep. Gus Bilirakis leads bipartisan effort to expand program to protect abused children

TB Times: Tampa's MAGA meeting was jam packed. Masks (cough, cough) were optional.

TB Times: It's safe, smart to reopen Florida schools, state witnesses say

Herald: State argues in-school instruction is vital for students' well being, teachers' risk low

Herald: YouTube attack ad by Mucarsel-Powell has 'false' allegation, Gimenez lawyer says

TB Times: Florida's Bar exam flap continues. Applicants ask court to let them practice.

Sentinel: Biden, Hispanic groups condemn Trump after ex-official says he wanted to sell Puerto Rico

Sentinel: Alejandra Juarez's daughter, 11, reads letter to Trump at DNC about her mother's deportation from Florida to Mexico

TB Times: Florida men are snagged in Steve Bannon's build-the-wall scandal. Feds call it a fraud.

Herald: Charity connected to Steve Bannon was being investigated by Nikki Fried's office

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